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Sunday, March 1, 2015

7 month old with BAD cough.?

Posted by admin on July 9, 2011

7 month old with BAD cough.?
Ok so I have a 7 month old who has been coughing really hard for the last few days…no other real symptoms…..she has developed a hoarse voice..poor baby tries to cry but cant …..and shes having a hard time making her noises…she sounds like a seal barking when she coughs…????not sure what to fever ….no runny nose…pretty much the cough from hell….

Answer by robcajay
Your baby might have “croup”, it is a respirtory illness with a pronounced cough that sounds like a “seal bark”…..the best treatment is to see a doctor for respiratory treatments, and possible steroid shots to help open the airway. Long term care, will be to have the baby sleep with a humidifyer near the baby.

Answer by War Dog
bronchitis? or something =S hope the baby gets better! best wishes to her!

Answer by Pink Cinderella
start giving her yogurt (good bacteria in it will help her fight this off)
she will need some vicks… a humidifier will help her breathe
I’m sort of against doctors. they don’t know everything. you could take her though and at least find out what she is sick with. I would avoid antibiotics if you can. yogurt is just as good.
… and I have never heard of a doctor giving a baby a steroid shot and wouldn’t recommend you suggest that!
yes could be croup. my kids have had that before.

Answer by thomasromero97
Please take the baby to a doctor

Answer by annalyzedgourds
If you are going to treat her at home, take her into the bathroom, run hot water in the shower until you have lots of steam, make a tent for her with towels or a blanket. Sit on the toilet seat w/her in your arms and let her breath in some steam. This always helped my kids when they had the croup.
I would constantly run a vaporizer too.

baby cough: 7 month old with BAD cough.?

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