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Saturday, March 28, 2015

peeing and not feeling myself with foul odor?

Posted by admin on March 31, 2012

peeing and not feeling myself with foul odor?
I have a question I am a 42 yr old female and for the last week ive been having a problem everytime i cough I pee a little bit and I have a foul odor from my vagina and it gets on my pants and stinks.I do not wear underwear because they are uncomfortable to me.I wash with soap and water everytime i take a shower.about 5 minutes after a shower I start to stink and feel unclean in my vagina.I also have been moody lately crying at the drop of a hat.Could I be pregnant.or is it something else.I have never been pregnant and am trying to have a baby.Just wondering what to do about this and if I could be pregnant.I hate the foul odor.

Answer by iGiggle
Okay, for starters, why aren’t you wearing underwear?! That’s probably the main reason why you smell so bad, because the pee gets on your pants. If you wear underwear and cough, just quickly go and change your underwear before it gets anywhere else.
If you’re still smelling bad after your shower, then it’s possible you have a yeast infection, which isn’t a big deal so you should go see your doctor and he’ll give you something to cure it.
If you seriously think you’re pregnant because of this, you must be pretty uneducated. Also, I presume that if you’re 42 years old, you’ve already hit menopause, which means your period has stopped and you are unable to get pregnant anymore.

Answer by K P
It sounds like you are going through menopause. The stress incontinence (peeing when coughing) and crying are common symptoms. Menopause can also result in vaginal dryness that can cause you to be more prone to infections. Using soap to clean your vagina can also cause dryness and irritation because of the chemicals they contain. At this point you should probably stop using soap, especially antibacterial soap. The odor is caused by an infection and should be treated by a gynecologist. But for long term vaginal health soap is not recommended. The fact that you don’t wear underwear is actually a good thing as far as vaginal health is concerned; however, you may want to wear them as a sort of diaper to absorb the pee that you experience when coughing. Beyond that, as you have probably found, there’s little other point in wearing underwear. I would also recommend that you do kegel exercises to strengthen muscles that control the flow of urine. This should help with the stress incontinence because no one wants to have to wear a diaper.

No, it does not sound like you are pregnant. But be aware that you periods can become erratic during menopause so missing a period is not as reliable an indicator of pregnancy.

baby cough: peeing and not feeling myself with foul odor?

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