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Saturday, March 28, 2015

what is the best thing you can do for a baby 7,months old and coughing alot?

Posted by admin on January 29, 2011

baby coughing

what is the best thing you can do for a baby 7,months old and coughing alot?

Answer by mompoo
Take him to the dr. just to make sure he is ok.

Answer by kassandra122003
well take him to the docter cause their are alot of bettels out their and alot of babys are dying

Answer by cyanne2ak
take it to the doctor dude.

Answer by k1tana
take him to the hospital

Answer by lele
Take your baby to the doctor! Hello! Or at least call your doctor. Why are you asking random people on the internet about your sick baby??? You would rather get an answer from some stranger than your doctor? Get with it!

Answer by leadguitarist
well id go to a doctor

Answer by blakemangal
Well i of course agree with the dr first and formost but if it’s at night and your waiting for them to open try a vaporizer or a luke warm water bottle for the baby to drink it will sooth his throat from all the coughing and flush down any flim from formula or milk from breast feedings that could be irrating it sometimes after you try the warm you can switch it to cold also it does a little numing effect from the coldness like ice so it will keep the cough away maybe a while longer. Good luck hope you baby feals better soon.

Answer by martinamagrace
Take his/her temperature. With babies it is so difficult to tell. If the temp. is high like anything over 101, I would call the babie’s doctor, it could be very serious.

If there is not a temp. I would give him/her baby Tylonol and baby cough medicine. With ones that age you are going to end up at the doctors on Monday or in the E.R. before.
Usually if there is no temp. I wouldn’t worry too much. If it is worse on Monday, by all means, go to the doctor.

Answer by blondecoley
i think i would pat his back or rub his stomach lightly
i dont know i wouldnt give it medicine bc its kinda young
i think you shold take it to a doctor

Answer by brandijo
try steaming him/her in the bathroom. first put the plug in then add some vapor bath to the bottom of the tub. second turn the shower on to the hottest setting then close the door. in a few minutes go in with the baby and his/her bottle or what ever will occupy then and sit in there for least 5 minutes. this always helps my daughter who has had asthma since she was six months. also if the baby gets into a coughing fit take him/her on a car ride with the windows down the cold air help quiet down the cough and usually put them to sleep. just make sure to bundle him/her up first. hope this helps you out tonight.

baby coughing: what is the best thing you can do for a baby 7,months old and coughing alot?

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One Response to “what is the best thing you can do for a baby 7,months old and coughing alot?”
  1. Baron Karza says:


    This is a pretty hard question to answer without more info. Is your baby sick? Does she have allergies? Does she produce anything when she coughs?

    Do you have allergies? If so, is there mold or other allergens in the area that the baby sleeps in? If you don’t have allergies, it’s possible your child does, and you can’t tell what is causing the coughing because your body responds differently.

    Without more info, this is a hard thing to answer. So here are the other things that spring to mind…

    1) You’re feeding your baby non-breast milk and she’s having trouble adjusting
    2) You’re feeding your baby something else that is making her cough.
    3) You’re over-feeding her
    4) Her sleeping environment is not child-friendly–get an air filter/purifier
    5) You need to wash her clothes and/or sheets with unscented detergent, ditto on the fabric softener
    6) You need to actually wash her clothes and/or sheets ;-)
    7) Too much light or noise in the area she’s sleeping 8) You’re a smoker
    9) You wear a perfume that she’s having a reaction to
    10) She has a cold or other illness

    See a doctor.

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