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Monday, March 2, 2015

Is mold in my house affecting my babies?

Posted by admin on April 10, 2011

Is mold in my house affecting my babies?
I have a 4 month old baby and a toddler that is 2. Since the baby was born he’s been sick a few times but this time his little cough won’t go away and it seems to only get worst at night. And before my son was born my daughter has been having the same problems with a bad cough and especially gets worst at night as well. I do believe she really got sick a couple times from a virus because she is going to daycare and sometimes you just can’t avoid those situations. I’ve tried all sorts of things with them such as putting them on the nebulizer, saline drops, with my daughter i’ve tried all sorts of cough medicines. and now i just want to stop all of that because i just don’t think it’s right for her to be taking so much medication and it barely seems to help. I also noticed that my son always has a stuffy nose too.

Now, I see mold in some obvious places in my house, like under the bathroom and kitchen sink. I even noticed a mushroom like fungus growing under there. Even though my house is well ventilated i still have this feeling that the mold could possibly be affecting my children and it’s making me depressed knowing that all this time the culprit was right under my nose. Please, i would like to know what would be the first step in dealing with this. I’m desperate!

Answer by ~*~ i ♥ blue ~*~
It is a possibility the mold is making you children become sick. But even if they were’nt sick and you found the mold, this should have told you to get rid of that mold. Call a plumber since you found it by the kitchen and bathroom sink. They will help you in cleaning the mold or tell you what products that are safe to use to clean the mold.
Mold is dangerous and can be deadly.

Answer by Michelle
Hey, my neighbors live in a 40-year-old apartment, which is filled with mold. She has an 8-month old baby. So you should dust the mold. It’s dangerous to babies.

Answer by Lori F
Mold can be dangerous. My neighbor just had to be evacuated from her apartment for a month while professionals come in and take apart all of the walls to get rid of the mold. She tried bleach, caulk, paint, sprays, etc. It just comes back. You need to have someone come look at it. Good Luck.

Answer by Alie!!!
yes. the mold is affecting your babies

Answer by Elias
Hi M,
Any mold that grows in a no sunlight environment is normally 100% toxic. The first step is getting the kids out of the home for a few days while you saturate the effected areas with pure bleach. Dont bother diluting it. The kids must only take the clothes on their back with them and wash them immediately or they will cross contaminate the new place. Also once you bleach everything you will need to wash everything as the toxic spores will be everywhere. Let me know if you need some more help. Running ozone inside your home might help kill the spores.

baby coughing at night: Is mold in my house affecting my babies?

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