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Monday, January 26, 2015

4 month old and a cold?

Posted by admin on April 25, 2011

baby coughing in sleep

4 month old and a cold?
My 4 month old has some chest congestion and a cough. He had bronchitis and then an ear infection a couple weeks ago and was on antibiotics. I give him pediacare decongetant and cough medicine and he is sleeping with the vicks vaporizor. I really know he is in pain and I want to help him and help prevent him to get more sick. What else can I do to help him? Should I take him back to the doc? I don’t want him on more antibiotics, cause he has has 4 in his life so far and I know that too many is not good. Help me please. I am miserable and he is too. I just want him better and heallthy. Also, I give his some baby vitamins too. How can I boost his immune system also? Please don’t tell me to take him to the doc, I already know. I just need osme advice. I willl call the nurse in the morning, but I need to know what I can do now.

Also, would it be bad to dilute his milk, since milk produces more flem in the nose? I am so exhasted, please please help me.

Answer by Ge1st
Please, is there any one, your mom suppose, to help. It sounds like you need someone. Any girl friend?

When I was around 2 year olds, my immune system was destroyed by a simple cold. Go immediately to the doctor and MAKE SURE his immune system isnt under stress? Go to the doctor and ask any question their there to help you. The doctor scared my mom from comming, and I eventually got kidney problem, and my life went downhill from that. Be persistent, dont care if the doctor is losing his patienceo r not. You say you dont want to hear the advice go to the doctor but, if you give vitamins to your kid, it can have side effects. Again, go to your doctor and ask every single thing that you cant risk.

Answer by keren
My advice would be:
1. Give him milk. Milk doesn’t produce more phlegm.

2. The Pediacare decongestant won’t help him get better faster. (Many doctors don’t recommend decongestants because there’s a lot of evidence that they don’t really work) Good hydration (to keep the mucous from getting thick) is more important.
3. Take him to the doctor but you don’t have to agree to antibiotics. His symptoms may be viral and an antibiotic might not be necessary. Ask the doctor what evidence he sees that the problem is bacterial (and needs an antibiotic)
4. A four month old who is ill should be followed closely by the pediatrician. They’re still so fragile and their immune systems are not working at full capacity yet. (There’s nothing you can do to make the immune system develop faster, it’s part of development.)
5. If he seems to have trouble breathing or runs a fever or stops taking his bottle I would take him to the ER.
6. Good Luck. This too shall pass.

Answer by alianna_hodiya
I hope he gets better. Baby’s tend to get sick more often.because they are real young and they’re bodies are ‘learning” and recognizing all of the germs, so his immune system can hellp fight of the germs in the future attacks of illnesses.

baby coughing in sleep: 4 month old and a cold?

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