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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Wheezing problem in 5 month old?

Posted by admin on January 10, 2011

baby dry cough

Wheezing problem in 5 month old?
My 5 month old has developed wheezing problem due to allergic reaction to dust (maybe).He has laborious breathing issue,and dry cough . His voice is completely down , I am searching for a good homeopathic remedy for wheezing as antibiotics weaken the baby .Help! as he is not even taking much of feed and losing weight .

Answer by shedevil
if your baby is laboring to breathe and not eating, you need to take him to the doctor immediately. antibiotics shouldn’t weaken him and you need to discuss that concern with the doc as well. also, if his wheezing is due to an allergic reaction i don’t see where antibiotics would do any good. please see a doc immediately. infants can get better at a fast rate but they can also go downhill just as fast.

Answer by JCH
Ha ha antibiotics weaken the baby – ha ha!

It’s okay – food weakens the baby too.

I bet vaccinations cause autism.

When you feel like doing some good for your baby bring him to the doctor.

Answer by Tina
Is your son wheezing every day? Has this just started, is this the first time you’ve noticed him wheezing? Losing weight can lead to worse things – your son needs to be eating in order to grow and develop both his body and mind.

If you haven’t, please see your pediatrician right away! Wheezing is not good. Depending on how long he has had the wheezing for, he could be having pneumonia. (bacterial infection in his lungs) Yes, for this usually antibiotics will be given, because it is better to heal the pneumonia than let it continue. My son (4 1/2) went to the ER Friday night for his first time wheezing, and he was given breathing treatments and had an Xray done that showed pneumonia. My parents are physicians (retired) and were very concerned about his wheezing.

If you want to try a home remedy in the meantime, advice nurse recommends steaming – small bathroom, closed door and window, hot shower on, and give warm fluids to drink. If he’s 5 months old and not eating well, I would think the nurse would send you to the doctor, or to the ER after hours.

If it is dust mites, and you were referring to antihistamines, a pediatric allergist can help evaluate. For sure then you would need to take measures to clear dust from your house. Make sure to wash bedding in hot water, get dust-mite proof covers for mattresses and box springs. Use moist cloths to dust when the baby is not nearby. Get an air purifier. (BlueAir is expensive but to me worth it. Regardless, make sure you get one with a HEPA filter.) If you can, replace carpet with hard floors and wet-mop often; otherwise, have deep cleaning done and/or cover the floors with blankets than can be hot-water washed frequently.

Answer by embellishment3
Your child is so young .Please be sensible and seek medical attention quickly.If the child was to be having a bad asthma attack they could die from it .I am not saying it is asthma but please go and get Doctors opinion for the child.The child may need to go on a nebuliser to help the breathing.Also if the child is not getting much fluids in then there is the possibility of dehydration.

baby dry cough: Wheezing problem in 5 month old?