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Friday, February 27, 2015

Taking antibiotics and symptoms getting worse?

Posted by admin on April 20, 2012

Taking antibiotics and symptoms getting worse?
I was diagnosed with a double ear infection, upper respiratory infection and strep throat on Tuesday. I’ve been taking my antibiotics as prescribed since then, however some symptoms are getting worse. I’ve suddenly lost A LOT of hearing in both ears [and didn't have any symptoms of ear infections, but my doctor found fluid in my ears when doing my check up]. Now suddenly after taking antibiotics I’m practically partially deaf. I’ve had a lot of ear problems since I was a baby and have had 3 ear surgeries in the past…but I’m wondering why these symptoms are suddenly occurring. My cough hasn’t gone away at all, and I’m still pretty congested. Only improvement seems to be my throat. Any thoughts?? Thank you!!

Answer by Robert
It takes some time for the medication to work. This is why your doctor will tell you to come back in 2 days if you do not feel better!

baby coughing: Taking antibiotics and symptoms getting worse?

After having my 2 year old child on antibiotics for 20 days still sick?

Posted by admin on March 29, 2012

baby cough

After having my 2 year old child on antibiotics for 20 days still sick?
when my child firt got sick a called here doctor and he sad give it four more days if she does not get better bring here in , so my baby did not get better and i send here to the doctor he put here on antibiotiks for 10 days she starting to fell better for 2 days after she finisht 10 days of antibiotiks and than it came back the same cold cough runy nose no temperature thank god i call the doctor again and he told me to give here 10 more days of antibiotiks after 20 days of antibiotiks she was better for a month and now the same cold is back .Is this normal please help. sory if you cant understand what i wrote english is my second lanuage thank you

Answer by maryann
she could have two different causes of her sickness
even though the way her body acts, the first time could have been a bacterial illness, which is why she felt better after antibiotics.
after a month of feeling better, it is rare for it to return.
now, the thing causing her to be ill could be a Virus.
Viruses are not usually helped by antibiotics.

Answer by xjr14
Many viral and bacterial infections have the same symptoms, but are completely different strains of illness. It most likely wasn’t the same illness, but it had similar symptoms.

Answer by old lady
You need another doctor. Anyone who keeps a two-year old on antibiotics for 20 days doesn’t know what he is doing. Antibiotics don’t help a cold – and the fact that the same problem has recurred means that whatever germ/or virus or bacteria is causing the problem is not becoming resistant to antibiotics and turning into a superbug. You really do need to get a doctor who is more up to date.

baby cough: After having my 2 year old child on antibiotics for 20 days still sick?

2 year old with fever but on antibiotics?

Posted by admin on December 31, 2011

baby cough

2 year old with fever but on antibiotics?
my daughter has a fever of 101-102. earlier it was 100 and i took her to the doctor. she had a cough and runny nose and was also a bit lethargic. he said it was some kind of infection (i really can’t remember the long technical term) but it had to do with sinuses. her eyes were goopy a few days before but i used an eyedrop antibiotic for them. thats cleared up but the new symptoms (cough, runny nose, lethargic with a temp) had me worried. md gave her zithromax. she had her first dose. now, 6 hours later, her temp is higher than before i went to the dr. why is that? i decided to give her tylenol/motrin but the fever wont come down past 101. i figure i’ll wait until its close to 103 before going to the ER and i’ll call the md in the morning. you think thats ok? am i doing this right? anything else i can do? i’m just a nervous mess right now and couldn’t stand anything happening to my baby.

Answer by Kathy
I know it can be scary when our little ones are sick and especially when they have fevers. I would give her a lukewarm bath, dry her off good and try to keep her comfortable. But if the fever persists or gets higher, I would definitely take her to either an urgent care if you have one that is open 24/7 or the emergency room.

Hope she feels better soon!

Answer by Angel S
Well from what you described your little one has conjunctivitis.
Her temperature is ok believe it or not.If it goes up to 104 and stays there then that is when you need to worry.
Also keep in mind that when you get a high temp it is our bodies way of fighting off infections.
You can also bathe her in luke warm water to help her temp go down as well.You can get a hold of her doc in the morning to get advice.
Right now your daughter is doing fine sweetie.She will be fine.If she is staying at 101 then don’t worry hun her body is fighting the infection.Try not to give her motrin with tylenol though to much because motrin can bring down a fever too fast.

baby cough: 2 year old with fever but on antibiotics?

I’ve taken all my antibiotics for strep but I’m still sick, what’s going on?

Posted by admin on November 4, 2011

I’ve taken all my antibiotics for strep but I’m still sick, what’s going on?
I went in for a sore throat and coughing on June 24 and was diagnosed with strep. They put me on amoxicillin. I’ve finished the meds but I’m still just as sick. I had days where I felt better than other days, but then the next day, I’d be terribly sick again. I want to know what the hell is going on with me, because I have a baby to take care of and its very hard to do when I’m coughing all over the place.

Answer by thomas p
I would like to see you have a complete blood test for bacteria in your blood system. It seems important to me that you act on your understandable concern about his lingering condition. Hope you find help. But, additional testing and not just a “pat on the back” from a family doctors seems appropriate in your case.

baby coughing: I’ve taken all my antibiotics for strep but I’m still sick, what’s going on?

Is antibiotics bad for pregnant women?

Posted by admin on September 10, 2011

Is antibiotics bad for pregnant women?
My wife is 12weeks pregnant and she has a bad cough, she was given Amoxicillin by our OB, is that safe for both the baby and my wife?

Answer by hEErA
ya Amoxicillin is safe in pregnancy.
not all the antibiotics are safe.
some are absolutely contraindicated (category X)
and some are partly contraindicated (category D)
their lists are available in Pharma Manuals.

Answer by Dr. Joe
Many drugs including antibiotics is bad 4 pregnant women.
Amoxicillin may cause diarrhoea/ candidiasis infection 2 brestfed infant. Bt Amoxicillin is safer than other drugs.
Overall its safe of both ur wife n baby..

baby cough: Is antibiotics bad for pregnant women?

pneumonia antibiotics side effect? PLEASE HELP! my baby sister has an emergency :’(?

Posted by admin on August 27, 2011

pneumonia antibiotics side effect? PLEASE HELP! my baby sister has an emergency :’(?
so like about 2 weeks ago my sister was sick like she would cough. so the doctor gave her this shot called pneumonia antibiotics and she said it would help her by making her feel better and she wont get pneumonia and she got the shot in one of her legs. exactly about 2 days later and still now, whenever she walks, the leg that she got the shot in goes a little inside, idk how to describe it… sorry :(

but now everyone is scared and she is only 3 years old. and so please try to help my sister.
im sorry, i wrote a mistake, she got the shot on her left leg but when she walks her right leg doesnt go straight

Answer by thenoseknows
It’s an adverse reaction to the vaccination. Your doctor is legally required to report this.
The damage can be fixed by a professional Homeopath if your local emergency department doesn’t have any answers that actually fix the problem.

Answer by Jaibie
ignore thenoseknows who obviously doesn’t know what she/he is talking about. For one, an antibiotic injection is not a vaccination.

Whether or not this is related to the injection is impossible to say without doing an examination. Your parents should take your sister to your family doctor to do an examination and work out what is wrong.

Answer by Gary Y
Its probably not related to the antibiotics – but if “everyone is scared” then take her to your family doctor.

Its not a good idea to seek medical advice on the internet, especially in anti-medicine forums – look at the appalling answer from @thenoseknows – please ignore it.

baby coughing: pneumonia antibiotics side effect? PLEASE HELP! my baby sister has an emergency :’(?

Help 2 antibiotics and and 3 dr visits later my 2 yr old is still ill.?

Posted by admin on August 14, 2011

Help 2 antibiotics and and 3 dr visits later my 2 yr old is still ill.?
Started over a week ago daughter rand a fever with a nasty cough that would wake a dead man from his sleep. Went to dr and was put on amoxicillin. Went back 3 days later because the cough was worse and she was not eating/sleeping well. Was told the antibiotic wouldn’t help that it was allergies. Then we were give Zyrtec and breathing treatments. Sill not better today went back and was given another antibiotic, and said she will be fine. I am pissed. ready to go to a whole different city for a new doctor. My baby coughs so hard she is gasping for air! this is not normal. So am I doing right by questioning these Dr’s or should I just listen to them?

Answer by anygirlusa
my Little brother went thru this a few years ago. i’m 29 he’s 10 anyway he would have really high fevers and get sick ALL THE TIME!! for no reason and he ended up having his tonsils out. and has not had any problems since.

Answer by Sue A
Is your daughter running a fever with the cough? Any signs of nasal discharge such as yellow or green? This would be a sign of a infection, not the common cold. You may want to try taking her to a allergy specialist instead of a ped doctor if symptoms do not get better in the next 3 days. When ever a child under 3 continues to show no sign of improvement, it’s best to take measures, i.e. blood tests if all possible to find out if she has an infection other then the common cold or sinus problems. If she is running a fever higher then 99.8 take her to ER at once as that is a sign of a more serious complication. Keep her off of all diary products as diary cause’s more phylum in the lungs.

baby cough: Help 2 antibiotics and and 3 dr visits later my 2 yr old is still ill.?

every time i get the flu, i ended up with cough and taking antibiotics, why?

Posted by admin on May 19, 2011

baby cough

every time i get the flu, i ended up with cough and taking antibiotics, why?
i’m getting sick to often, and i think my immune system is low, but why? what’s happening?every time there is somebody sick around, in the office, in my house or anywhere there’s a good chance of catching the sickness. i have a little baby at home and im scared of giving the sickness to her every time.
i eat well, i do some running and tennis, i don’t smoke and little alcohol every once in a while, i also allergic to some things, but i take flonase.
what can i do? how to improve my immune system?
am i getting asthma?

Answer by ChiMom
Many people, myself included, are prone to a virus developing into a bacterial infection (which require antibiotics).
Any and everytime I get a cold, it becomes bronchitis–or a sinus/ear infection.
Wintertime is worse, because people spend more time indoors, where the virus spreads from person to person much more easily.
The number one way colds spread is from people not washing their hands, and then touching their face. I work in a hospital and we wash our hands constantly! Also the anti-bacterial gels are good to use.
Anytime you use a public phone, computer, turn on light switches, door handles, elevator buttons, you are coming into contact with others who have also touched it. Just try to be more aware, and wash your hands often.
it may not be a weakened immune system–just that it is flu season and germs spread easily.

Answer by John L
Many people get flu repeatedly because flu badly weakens the body.

You can have better health if you do the following:
1. After each bout of flu, take Vitamins A, B complex, C , D and E to build up your immune system
2. During flu season, avoid crowded places if possible
3. Eat more vege, salads, whole cereals, oily fish (salmon, mackerel, sardines etc…), eggs
4. Drink milk, green tea, fruit juices
5. Spend more time in prayer seeking the Lord for He is the Divine Healer and loving Father who wants His children healthy. He will also bless your efforts in making yourself healthy.

Be blessed

Answer by TweetyBird
Flu is a respiratory infection and can pave the way for a secondary bacterial infection. Pathogenic (disease producing) bacteria are opportunistic. They live on our skin and in our noses and mouths at most times. Normally, they do us no harm but when the opportunity arises, such as with a viral infection, they may move in on tissue that’s inflamed and body systems that are already compromised.

Have you asked yourself why you get the flu so often? Perhaps you’re not being vaccinated. nutrient deficiencies can cause a poor immune response. Perhaps you’re not eating as well as you think. Zinc, vit. C & other antioxidants are important for efficient functioning of the immune system. Allergies can impair the immune system as well. Have you considered taking a systemic antihistamine, such as Claritin or Zyrtec in addition to the Flonase?

“what can i do? how to improve my immune system? am i getting asthma?” — I don’t think you have asthma. I can’t tell just from this if you have immune problems or a reactive airway. I suggest you see your doctor to find out because there are underlying conditions that can impair the immune system. To determine if you have a poor immune system, routine tests won’t do. This requires specific immunoloigal testing but if allergies are at the root of your problem. However, adding an antihistamine may be the answer. And before you see a doctor and possibly undergo tests, if you’re willing try an antihistamine first for 30 days.

baby cough: every time i get the flu, i ended up with cough and taking antibiotics, why?

Antibiotics for Babies?

Posted by admin on May 11, 2011

baby coughing in sleep

Antibiotics for Babies?
My 3 month old has very bad cold and cough. Doctor prescribed him antibiotics because little elevated numbers in bacterial infection. But he became very fuzzy and could able to sleep all night. Is this common with antibiotics?

Answer by working mom
thats not a side effect of antibiotics. it is a side effect of illness. think about how you – even as an adult feel when sick – you sleep too much, think slower, etc…

Answer by Elissa
I don’t know either my baby is 6 months and she has ear infection in both ears now she is in antibiotic and she seems better !! I think works and is safe they know if they are prescribing it!!!

Hope you baby gets well!!

Answer by reiki_healing_master
Antibiotics are always prescribed when Doctor’s have to deal with infection, but sure it has side effects, short term as well as long term.

I treat Infection with Distant Reiki. This works and leaves no side effect, with immediate effect.

Answer by aljea
No its not, it is probably due to the cold.

Answer by Larry W
Antibiotics are used for treatment or prevention of bacterial infection. Other classes of drugs, most notably the sulfonamides, may be effective antibacterials. Similarly, some antibiotics may have secondary uses, such as the use of demeclocycline (Declomycin, a tetracycline derivative) to treat the syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone (SIADH) secretion. Other antibiotics may be useful in treating protozoal infections.

baby coughing in sleep: Antibiotics for Babies?

Has anyone ever had a kitten that sneezes (with a discharge) even after repeated antibiotics?

Posted by admin on February 26, 2011

Has anyone ever had a kitten that sneezes (with a discharge) even after repeated antibiotics?
I bought my baby from a breeder who says she has no knowledge of any problems with her litters. The kitten has been sneezing since I got him. He seems to get better but not completely well with antibiotics. We are on a regimen right now of 2x a day medicine for 21 days. We are half way through and he is still sneezing though like always, he is better right now. Has anyone had the same problem? Find any solutions?

Answer by housefulofcats
Could possibly be something in his nose that is irritating him. I have had that problem with one of my cats before. Also, possible that your kitten is allergic (yes, they get allergies, too!) to something in your house. Too many possibilities. Since you say you have him on medication, I’m assuming the vet looked at him, but if the meds don’t seem to be helping ( should notice a change in just a day or two), I’d ask about the nose thing.

I don’t know if there is a cat version of ‘kennel cough’ ( Kitten sneeze???), but if your cat has been doing this since you got him, I’d definitely let my vet know about that. Upsetting that it has been happening from the beginning, and the breeder is not concerned. He may have had something all along.

baby sneezing: Has anyone ever had a kitten that sneezes (with a discharge) even after repeated antibiotics?