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Sunday, February 1, 2015

What can make me feel like this?

Posted by admin on April 14, 2011

What can make me feel like this?
For the past 5 days or so i have been getting headaches, feeling dizzy, weak, tired, and just out of it… cant really concentrate on anything. No fever, no coughing or sneezing… What could be doing this? i hate the “out of it” feeling… i actually feel drugged or something… what is wrong? Dont be mean please, i do not do drugs.. im not pregnant either… just had a baby 3 months ago and been on Birth control the past month and a half.

Answer by Jack Squat
it could be allergies, you could have a cold, or it could be due to changes in weather. It’s more than likely nothing to be concerned about.

If you get concerned, go to a doctor, as no one on here has any proof that they are one.

Answer by Jen
perhaps the fact that you still have a fairly new baby and other children is part of may just be worn out. Have you had blood tests done to see if you are anemic? That can happen right after giving birth due to lack of iron. Check with your doctor and have them do some simple tests there may be a simple fix such as more rest or iron pills.

Answer by Sharon W
There could be a lot of possible problems…You really should have a follow-up blood test… your body has been through a great big ordeal after having a baby. You could be anemic, nutritionally you may not be getting enough nutrients… many number of things.
A visit to the doctor would be well worth the peace of mind… have them run a blood test to see if you are dehydrated or anemic?

Answer by Beau C
It sounds to me like dehydration.

Drink more it should help.

baby sneezing: What can make me feel like this?

How do i prevent my baby from catching the flu from me?

Posted by admin on December 31, 2010

How do i prevent my baby from catching the flu from me?
I am a breastfeeding mother to an 8 month old baby and i have all the flu symptoms(fever, dry cough, sore body, headache)…is there anyway i can prevent her from getting it and can she catch it through my breastmilk?

Answer by lilly
im not too sure if your breast milk can infect your baby, but wear a medical mask when you are feeding her or cuddling her, keep washing your hands before and after having contact with her. even if she did get the flu your breast milk should be enough to help her get over it, your milk is full of goodness and antibodies. great choice to breast feed her, well done.

Answer by Charles B
Talk to your pediatrican. A mask, hand washing, hand washing,hand washing, hand washing,hand washing, hand washing, are all good. You may want to either: start giving her formula, or your breastmilk may start giving her antibodies which will protect your baby. (thus calling the DR.) Either way it sucks being sick and taking care of wee ones, best of luck, prayers going out to you and your wee child.

baby dry cough: How do i prevent my baby from catching the flu from me?