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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Could my immune system be weak? My health seems to be “not-so-good” lately…?

Posted by admin on May 3, 2011

baby coughing in sleep

Could my immune system be weak? My health seems to be “not-so-good” lately…?
I abused meth on a frequent basis for 4 years and cocaine and x regularly for about 5 years; and many other drugs of other forms in between. I never used needles. I have been sober 1 1/2 years.

I am a 21 year old male with a baby on the way (only one month to go), working 2 jobs (50 hrs a week), remodeling my house, and I have a wonderful relationship with my fiancee of 3 years who lives with me. I stay pretty stressed and sleep “ok”, it usually takes me an hour or longer to get to sleep but I do stay asleep once I get there. I smoke 15 ciggs a day, drink alcohol occasionaly, and smoke marijuana in small quanities regularly to help keep me calmer and more relaxed.

I have been getting sick more frequently, usually give or take cold/flu like symptoms consisting of muscle pain, weakness, fatigue, cough, sore throat, fever, and a few other less severe symptoms. In the last 60 days I have taken off work 3-4 days on 3 occasions because of being ill. My stress levels seem very elevated, I get anxious and nervous a lot…I’ve started feeling more insecure and lately feeling like something could be wrong with me medically…or worse; psychologically…

Could past drug usage, elevated stress, and possible weakened immune system add up to a physical problems in me? I do exercise, take vitamins and eat well…I have gone to the doctor and usually leave with a handful of medicine and them saying I have a viral infection…sometimes I feel like I need to exert energy to feel better but then I have no energy to start…

What could be wrong and what should I do…I lived a very unhealthy life for 6 years, is it catching back up to me? Could this be serious?
Thank you for that detailed response but you must have not read that I am a male…my fiancee is pregnant.

I agree some with what you answered but that cannot apply all to me…if you come back and read this, tell me more about the Psychological Relapse but remember that I am a male and not pregnant.

Answer by
you need to relax and drink lots of clear liquids, all this stress isn’t helping your immune system and if you have a baby on the way u really need to relax, you probably need antiboditics

Answer by Brick CEO
Lose the pot and alcohol, NOW!
You are experiencing a Psychological relapse. No this is not something that a Psychiatrist or MD can treat or diagnose but any ex-user will tell you it is real. when we stop using meth your body/mind tries to fool you into thinking you are either tweaking and need to use to maintain it or in withdrawal and need to use to get through it. It can and usually occurs when you are under mental/emotional or physical stress (pregnancy, work,etc) pot and alcohol only make this conflict worse also weakening your immune system making everything seem much worse. Talk to your doctors and be very honest with them and ask to speak to a pre/post natal counselor. Your unborn child has got to be your highest priority 24/7, get focused on that and you will be surprised how fast things fall into place. We often get conflicted when we become overly self concerned, use your child as an excuse to get and stay sober and enjoy your life, stress is a bear on a child pre and post birth and is known to cause low birth weight, childhood asthma, and other childhood immune related issues. And take it from someone who grew up sleeping in hospital waiting rooms because of two brothers with stress related asthma, it sucks and cost my parents a fortune.
So get sober, get happy and talk to anyone who will listen.

Answer by sirzune1
Forget about antibiotics!! Perhaps you have thrown your immune system for a loop: a weakened IS can allow all sorts of microbes to play havoc with your health. I suggest you get a comprehensive blood test. In the interim, start looking into coconut oil to help rebuild your immune system. Also a good tonic blend of mushrooms will do the trick.

Write me: and I give you the particulars and other things to get you back to a great beginning. But please get that blood work so you can rule out the obvious!

baby coughing in sleep: Could my immune system be weak? My health seems to be “not-so-good” lately…?

broken ribs and pregnant?

Posted by admin on

broken ribs and pregnant?
lately my husband has been thrashing in his sleep. the past couple months i’ll wake up with new bruises, black eye etc. sometimes i have woken up to his thrashing and go into the guest bedroom especially because im 9 months pregnant and he has accidentally hit our baby. (baby is fine. i get checked weekly now bc im so due to give birth)
anyways, i think i have a couple broken ribs in several spots. he got me good in the sternum a couple months ago and that still hurts but not as bad as my lower left ribs. can’t take deep breaths at all, excrutiating to cough and really really tender to the touch. what can i do? like i said, im pregnant so i can’t get an xray…

i can’t stress enough that my husband is not a violent person to me… when he’s awake.

Answer by TheGuardian
Best thing you can do is
“Toc to da doc”

baby coughing in sleep: broken ribs and pregnant?

Doctor said my daughter had an ear infection…….?

Posted by admin on May 2, 2011

Doctor said my daughter had an ear infection…….?
I took my daughter to the doctor last wednesday and he said that both her ears were red. He gave her cefalcor (antibotic). She started that Thursday morning. She had been running a fever but that has now broke. She is sleeping alot through out the day which is not like her. She is not eating her baby food like normal and she is not wanting to drink alot. She drinks at least 15-20 oz a day. Her soft spot looked a little sunk in today but she is acting fine. She is just a little fussy and like I said sleeping quite a bit. I was just wondering if it is normal for her to be sleeping so much and not wanting to eat or drink alot. She has been coughing slightly nothing major.

Answer by b
I’d say that shes alright, maybe its just the medicine making her sleepy. if shes still sleeping a lot a week from now id say give the doctor a call.

Answer by Merrae W
Well sometimes as a baby ages, you might notice changes with your baby’s apparel,health,personality ect….The best thing you can really do is do whatever the doctor has instructed you to do.
Here are some things that MAY be happening:
3.If you are trying new foods
4.Sometimes a baby’s attitude can change when you but him/her near too many new people and noises

baby coughing in sleep: Doctor said my daughter had an ear infection…….?

Breaking out in hives, head ache and chest pains, what is wrong?

Posted by admin on

Breaking out in hives, head ache and chest pains, what is wrong?
I was feeling nauseated last night so I laid down to sleep just to toss and turn, itching all over. I got up and put baby lotion with aloe all over. My back was what itched the most, it felt like it was on fire or like I got bitten by a bunch of bugs. I turned to look at it in the mirror and this is what I saw:

The same bumps were spreading onto my chest, stomach, legs and arms, but more spread out and not as itchy. I took a shower and scrubbed my whole body with Aveeno, got out and washed all of my sheets. I thought it might be an allergic reaction.

the stomach issues continued for the rest of the night, and then it turned into a pain more in my chest and throat than in my stomach. It feels exactly like I swallowed something I didn’t chew up all the way, as if food is having a hard time getting down my throat and into my stomach. I get this feeling every time I swallow.

The feeling went away a little after I slept, but when I woke up I had a turkey sandwich and a Dr. Pepper (nothing out of the ordinary, I eat things like this all the time) and the same pain in my throat and chest is back. I don’t know what’s going on and I’m not feeling good at all.

I’ve already gone to the doctor about my throat before, I recently had an endoscopy and since then I’ve had this whooping cough that comes whenever I lay down. It doesn’t happen every time I lay down, but it only happens when I’m laying down.

Answer by Medic
It could be an upper respiratory infection that’s triggered by the draining of your sinuses, at least that’s what it sounds like to me, and the two other medics with me right now. The pruitis might be allergic, or due to stress from the constant onset of your URI problem. Talk to your doctor about the rash and problems. It could be Measles.

Answer by tim m
looks like hives, you have an allergy. what have you done different lately or what have you eaten.

Answer by Adrian Fadem
Change your bed linen.

You seem to have Dysphagia (trouble swallowing which can be due to many disease processes) and GERD Gastroesophageal reflux disease where you have regurgitation of food sometimes and or cough coz the acid thats regurgitating from your tummy is irritating your throat when you lie down.

Why did you have an endoscopy ? What were ur complaints then?

Eat your last meal for the day early (atleast 4 hrs before bedtime) and use two pillows till you can see a doctor.

baby coughing in sleep: Breaking out in hives, head ache and chest pains, what is wrong?

help with a cold???

Posted by admin on May 1, 2011

baby coughing in sleep

help with a cold???
my baby has had a couple colds before but not like this. she is 1 and with her other colds she never really had a cough but with this one she does and she has coughed so much a couple times she threw up now i have taken her in for her colds before and her doc. always says she is fine and she will get over it but i don’t know if maybe i should take her in because she is coughing so hard have any of your kids had this and did you take them in or not and what did they say? ( i use vapor rub saline drops and suction out her nose and i also use the vaporizer and prop her up when she is sleeping but i don’t know how to keep her from coughing so hard she pukes)

Answer by Chocobo
Im not really sure what it is exactly, but there could be a lot of reasons for the cough. I would say that the symptoms you are describing are much like bronchitis, its like a cold but the cough is strong and there is a lot of mucus (this is the only “cold” I have thrown up from before) also, the mucus can be discolored like green or dark. If she has this for a while, it may need to be treated with antibiotics. If it lasts for more than her colds usually do, then make sure you remind the doctor that it is not getting better and to force that … She could also be allergic to something, but I don’t think she would vomit from that.

My doctor told me I didn’t need antibiotics when I had these symptoms for over a week, but when he finally gave them to me, I felt better almost immedietly.

The mucus is probably draining into her chest, since babies cant spit loogies out of their throat. So try your best to clear her nose. I hope she gets better!

baby coughing in sleep: help with a cold???

Bed Wetting in my teens?do only babies wet their beds?

Posted by admin on

baby coughing in sleep

Bed Wetting in my teens?do only babies wet their beds?
I am 16 years old in less then one month i will be 17.
i have had the swine flu for 2 weeks(a very bad case of it)
last night i wet the bed
and so tonight i am wearing a depends diaper to make sure the sheets do not get wet
i told my mum and she was ok with it.she said if it continus i will have to wear goodnights which i am perfectly fine with but i only wet the bed 3 times in my life all right before christmas eve abotu 3 years ago

1)could an illness like swine flu cause tis?
2)could cough syrup that puts you to sleep cause this
3)could anorexia cause this?
4)do only babies wet their beds?
5)what can i do?

secret:secretly love diapers.i love wearing them all the time.but this is different.this is me needing the rather then wanting them:(

Answer by diamond2567
Your body might be tired from fighting the flu so this may be a reason. However you should talk to your doctor to make sure your kidney’s are not being affected due to your illness. Please don’t be afraid or embarrass that is what your doctor is for and beside your must assist him by giving him information even if you may think that its silly because it may be utmost important..
Don’t for get you snorkel gear lol just jokin w/ya ;-)

baby coughing in sleep: Bed Wetting in my teens?do only babies wet their beds?

Help! I think I have cauda equina syndrome but nobody has diagnosed it!?

Posted by admin on April 27, 2011

Help! I think I have cauda equina syndrome but nobody has diagnosed it!?
•I don’t have insurance so in the last 5 months I have been to several ER’s for chronic back pain. When visiting these ER”s, I always had my current MRI report (MRI analysis provided below) in hand and relayed my symptoms and described my pain, which has gradually increased over 10 months to its present, horrible state. These symptoms include: sciattica of left leg, low back pain, tingly/numbness sensation in left foot (developed over last few months), front hip pain (burning sensation, developed over last few months), extremely high blood pressure at times of extreme pain (documented at 220/150 in a ER, before my back problems it was normal). Then a week ago I started having trouble urinating (not incontinence, just retnention), would pass gas involuntarily, and also became constipated. Over the last few days I have also been feeling dizzy occasionally. My last doctor’s appointment was a week ago. This was a pain management doctor who said I needed surgery, gave me steroids, and left it at that. To me, it seems very likely I have developed cauda equina syndrome after doing research on it for days. According to this research, cauda equina syndrome is usually overlooked or misdiagnosed by doctors other neurosurgeons. What should I do? Everything I have read said this syndrome requires emergency surgical decompression of the spinal canal/cauda equina yet I can’t get a doctor to see outside of his/her limitations! I am so afraid I am going to end up using catheters for the rest of my life is this is not resolved soon.

I have central canal stenosis, a paracentral disc protrusion with compromise of the left paracentral thecal sac and left nerve root, facet hypertrpohy/ligamentous flavum hypertrophy, and bilateral inferior neural foraminal narrowing. The pain presented in May 2010 and has worsened to its present state today. I can’t sleep, can’t sit up straight, can’t sit in my office chair at work for long periods, can’t even change my babies diaper without excruciating pain. The pain from sneezing and coughing is so bad I try to avoid doing this altogether. Now I walk with a limp at all times and my left leg is weak and the left foot is partially numb. I only urinate 2 at most 3 times a day despite drinking more than the recommended amounts and when I do there is a hesitation and I never feel fully relieved.

Answer by Katt

It sounds like you have truly done your research and you are more than likely correct at your self diagnoses. What you won’t find in those articles is a delineation between CES (cauda equina syndrome) before the permanent damage is done and after. They are two things. You have read about the before where they say you need emergency surgery and after when the damage is permanent. I am one of those people who ended up being overlooked at the time it needed emergency surgery and it became permanent. But all CES means is that the cuada equina nerves are currently being compromised or have been already damaged. For someone with the permanent condition it is exactly what you have described. Your doctor who said you needed surgery and gave you steroids was correct, in recommending surgery it is the only way to prevent the permanent version of CES. I am listing the best site there is on CES below. Sorry it is not a lot.

Answer by castellucci claybourne
Well Best of luck!

baby coughing in sleep: Help! I think I have cauda equina syndrome but nobody has diagnosed it!?

4 month old and a cold?

Posted by admin on April 25, 2011

baby coughing in sleep

4 month old and a cold?
My 4 month old has some chest congestion and a cough. He had bronchitis and then an ear infection a couple weeks ago and was on antibiotics. I give him pediacare decongetant and cough medicine and he is sleeping with the vicks vaporizor. I really know he is in pain and I want to help him and help prevent him to get more sick. What else can I do to help him? Should I take him back to the doc? I don’t want him on more antibiotics, cause he has has 4 in his life so far and I know that too many is not good. Help me please. I am miserable and he is too. I just want him better and heallthy. Also, I give his some baby vitamins too. How can I boost his immune system also? Please don’t tell me to take him to the doc, I already know. I just need osme advice. I willl call the nurse in the morning, but I need to know what I can do now.

Also, would it be bad to dilute his milk, since milk produces more flem in the nose? I am so exhasted, please please help me.

Answer by Ge1st
Please, is there any one, your mom suppose, to help. It sounds like you need someone. Any girl friend?

When I was around 2 year olds, my immune system was destroyed by a simple cold. Go immediately to the doctor and MAKE SURE his immune system isnt under stress? Go to the doctor and ask any question their there to help you. The doctor scared my mom from comming, and I eventually got kidney problem, and my life went downhill from that. Be persistent, dont care if the doctor is losing his patienceo r not. You say you dont want to hear the advice go to the doctor but, if you give vitamins to your kid, it can have side effects. Again, go to your doctor and ask every single thing that you cant risk.

Answer by keren
My advice would be:
1. Give him milk. Milk doesn’t produce more phlegm.

2. The Pediacare decongestant won’t help him get better faster. (Many doctors don’t recommend decongestants because there’s a lot of evidence that they don’t really work) Good hydration (to keep the mucous from getting thick) is more important.
3. Take him to the doctor but you don’t have to agree to antibiotics. His symptoms may be viral and an antibiotic might not be necessary. Ask the doctor what evidence he sees that the problem is bacterial (and needs an antibiotic)
4. A four month old who is ill should be followed closely by the pediatrician. They’re still so fragile and their immune systems are not working at full capacity yet. (There’s nothing you can do to make the immune system develop faster, it’s part of development.)
5. If he seems to have trouble breathing or runs a fever or stops taking his bottle I would take him to the ER.
6. Good Luck. This too shall pass.

Answer by alianna_hodiya
I hope he gets better. Baby’s tend to get sick more often.because they are real young and they’re bodies are ‘learning” and recognizing all of the germs, so his immune system can hellp fight of the germs in the future attacks of illnesses.

baby coughing in sleep: 4 month old and a cold?

Is this a symtom of quitting smoking?

Posted by admin on April 24, 2011

baby coughing in sleep

Is this a symtom of quitting smoking?
I have been an avid smoker for around 8 to 9 years doing anywhere from a pack a day to around a pack and a half.

I have just recently stopped smoking due to a promise I made my pregnant girlfriend because well, she stopped due to the baby and to become more healthy, I stopped to reduce her cravings and stress, and well, for my health deep down inside.

Shortly after quitting, I soon found myself dozing off at midnight – 1 AM and noticing I cough a lot shortly after getting to sleep and feel extremely nauseous. This proceeds for a few hours until I can finally get to sleep.

What is this?

I was told that smoking acts as a sedative or an anesthesia to your alveoli (small air sac’s in your lungs where the tar resides), and when you stop smoking this is removed and the alveoli are trying to kick out the negative particles and bringing in healthy regeneration to the alveoli.

Answer by sheloshot
You were given correct information. Your lungs are just trying to kick the junk out of your lungs and the cigarettes used to provide chemicals to keep that from happening. Congratulations and good for you!! I don’t mean that in a condescending way-I’m jealous> I’ve been trying to quit for awhile. Keep up the good work.

Answer by Fred Bear
Yes, you’ll find a lot of strange symptoms when you quit smoking. I gave up 4 years ago and have suffered from sinus problems since, although it’s improving, but I never had a sinus problem in all my years of smoking!

So glad you gave up. I have a neighbour who is dying from stomach cancer. He had throat cancer from smoking and it was cured, except it spread to his stomach after that.

He had a row with his wife on Saturday, she wanted him to stop smoking and drinking alcohol to try to prolong his life. They had a huge row and she left him. Yesterday he set light to their house and sheds and has now been taken to a physchiatric hospital. The house and contents wasn’t insured. They have nothing.

All that from smoking! He is just another person in the long list of people that I’ve known who’ve died from the effects of smoking.

baby coughing in sleep: Is this a symtom of quitting smoking?

Should i call in sick?

Posted by admin on April 21, 2011

Should i call in sick?
I’m 21 weeks pregnant and since yesterday I’ve had a terrible sore throst, stuffy nose, some mild eye watering and the occasional cough. I didn’t sleep well at all last night because of my throat
I just started my job last Monday so I’m afraid to call in sick so soon, but at the same time I work in a fast food place (Tacotime) and don’t want to risk getting customers or other staff sick.
Normally in a retail situation I would probably still go in, but touching food is a whole different thing. Plus, I’m pregnant and am worried if i get worse, it will affect the baby
I called in and explained to the the manager (the actual boss is out of town)…even after explaining he got really mad that I was calling in. I tried to explain that I’ve never worked fast food before so i don’t know the rules…he told me i I could take today but for next time “cold’s are not contagious” (news to me..?) and that some people get sick all winter and don’t take all winter off. Now I’m upset because he got mad and would hardly even let me say a word…
I’m going to the doctor later today, and will see if i can get a note. Thanks everyone

Answer by Ali
Yes. To call in and not show up looks much better for you than not calling and not showing up.

Answer by Violators will be prosecuted
So not what she was asking Ali. I would call your boss and explain to him or her the situation, that you’re sick and the symptoms and that you understand that you just started working there but you don’t want to get anyone sick, working around food could make things worse. He\She will see that you are putting forth your best effort.

Answer by Tranae
yes sweetheart. you shouldn’t be under pressure when you got a baby. also, i reccomend a doctor for you. good luck with your baby :)

baby coughing in sleep: Should i call in sick?