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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Swine flu in young children?

Posted by admin on March 9, 2011

Swine flu in young children?
I’m concerned that my almost three year old daughter has swine flu. There has been an epidemic in her and her sister’s daycare center, but we weren’t too worried because I have already had it and they she and her twin sister were fine then. But my wife had to pick her up early today because she had a 103 fever. Since then, she has been throwing up, coughing, and sleeping. We have an appointment for her tomorrow, but her and her sister share a room and we also have a three month old baby. Does anyone know how to not spread the germs? I’m gonna be with her tonight and all of tomorrow, but could our other children still be infected already possibly? And if not, are there any sterilization techniques that we could use?

Answer by Andy
Best thing to do right now is to isolate the infected baby. Try to keep her in another room for now. If she does come out, you may want to put a mask on her as a three year old daughter would most likely not know about friendly hygiene, such as coughing on her arm or simply even covering her coughs. Using a hand sanitizer would also be a good thing as she may have touched her face, nose, or mouth while or after sleeping.

However, the symptoms mentioned there seem to resemble a flu indeed. Best hurry and check with your doctor and get some medication for the young one!

Answer by Sophia G
Definitely sounds like swine flu, especially for a child! Lots of children throw up w/ swine flu

baby coughing in sleep: Swine flu in young children?

Should I be on Meds?

Posted by admin on March 8, 2011

baby coughing in sleep

Should I be on Meds?
I think so becuase I can catch myself talking to myself while I day dreaming a comversation in my mind or something. Sometime I sleep dreaming about Coughing up paper by saying ” you can find ture love” and things, Also make magic, control the world. Should I see a doctor or be on meds. I find this so strange and also I worry allot and keep thinking about my ex boyfriend already have a baby by his new girl and very jealous of her

Answer by twirpy_gurl
Since medication seems to be the answer for everything….yes, you should be on them. There is NO other way you will ever get through this unless you are prescribed medication.

Answer by sparrowszealot
You might not need medication but it couldn’t hurt to talk to a medical professional.

Answer by michael h
my meds help me..i used to think that the fries from McDonalds were talking to me…

Answer by Mr. Big
yah sure
have doc give you the works

Answer by Jaimey J
meds…. not sure… i think u shoudl talk to a dr .. maybe call a help line. if you feel somethings wrong … u no u better then anyone… if this isnt normal for you . then yea… call someone.!
as for med.s … maybe u do.. maybe u dont . thats 4 a counelor or somethin to hel u with :) calll someone today

Answer by lybov
sounds like i don’t think you have to be on meds.. but go ahead and see a doctor? ok..

Answer by Mon
If you have weird dreams then no. If you drive yourself nuts worrying then yes. If you actually think that you can CONTROL the world vs. CHANGE the world, then yes you need meds and need to talk to a psychologist. If you simply talk to yourself and even answer yourself, then no.

The ones that I said no to are ones that are completely normal human behavior.

Answer by cupcake
It’s a good thing you are not in denial and realize you have a condition that needs medical attention. What you describe is not normal behavior and I think you will do yourself a favor by seeing a psychiatrist to get you the medication you need. Your symptoms sound like schitzophrenia which can benefit from medication.

Answer by NekoMimi
If you feel that these things are interfearing in your life then go ahead but from what you describe it sounds like you just need more sleep….

Some of what you say sounds like when my father can’t sleep and he ends up in a half awake, half asleep phase where he has “Day dreams” that he can only half control.

Like, he will go into a “Trance” while reading and create pages of story that, when he goes back to re read a passage, are not there.

He just needs more sleep.

Your issues with your X sound pretty standard… Fu*k them! They are not your consern. STOP THINKING ABOUT THEM ALL TOGETHER AND GET ON WITH YOUR OWN LIFE!

Answer by Counsellor Oneil
You have a right doubt dear ! Before deciding about Meds , consult a good psychiatrist, he only can find out what it is all about by discussions and some tests. But based on my experience in counseling does not look like a serious problem hence only counseling would help.

baby coughing in sleep: Should I be on Meds?

Should I take 4 month old baby with RSV back to the doctor?

Posted by admin on March 7, 2011

baby coughing in sleep

Should I take 4 month old baby with RSV back to the doctor?
Okay. My 4 month old started cold-like symptoms on sunday (6 days ago). On monday I took him to the pediatrician, and they said by Wednesday it should lift or start getting better. His symptoms are as follows.. Heavy congestion (in nose) either running or blocked. No cough, but chest may sound flemy when I put my ear to it. no cough , no fever, taking bottles normally (with mild irritation due to nose congestion) and sleeping alittle lighter, but mostly sleeping a steady 7-8 hours a night.

When i called Wednesday to tell them symptoms are about the same but have not gotten worse, they said call back on thursday if still no change or worsens. Well , I didn’t call because, I seriously felt they would just send me home with a advisor of keeping a eye on him and making him comfortable, etc. I don’t need to go to the doc to be told that and billed for it.

Well its friday now..I have been doing frequent suctions on his nose ( snot is clear in color maybe at most a VERY light yellow, but mainly clear now) and im not sure if I should call the doctors because I just don’t see anything benefiting by going.

If hes taking a bottle, not running fever, no persistent cough…should i go ? There hasn’t been a change however in the nose congestion , and they told me when i called there should be. This is day 6 of RSV. I just don’t wanna have to go to after hours on the weekend i was wondering from moms with experience what i should do ?
Thanks everyone for your insight and help. I talked to pedi on phone and they said RSV is a 7-10 course. Due to the fact there is no cough, no fever, and liquids been going down okay. She said to follow up on monday. Thanks!

Answer by Hawiian Playboy!!!
take it to some that knows what he is doing…xDD

Answer by fritzsfrau
My son was born with RSV, but my doctors would not release him from the hospital till it subsided. My suggestion is take him to the ER and tell them you wish to talk with a Neonatal specialist about it. That is what my son had to have.

Answer by Texas Made
i would take him rsv is a bad virus and could be kids had it when they were son had to be hospitalized.To be on safe side you should take your baby because he’s still so young and his immune system is not as strong as ours.You really shouldn’t take any chances with this.I know it may be inconvenient but,part of parenting is making sure we do everything in our power to keep them safe..Good luck with baby. As far as the nose congestion you could make a saline mixture with salt and water. put a few drops in his nose it will make him sneeze to help rid the nasal congestion.Since he’s still too little to give meds.

Answer by sugar baby
Take him to another doctor, even if the means going through the ER at your local hospital. Do not mess around with RSV. When I was in high school there was a girl that did not know better (she was 15) and her baby dies from RSV pneumonia. I don’t know you or your baby, but please for the safety of your baby and your peace of mind take the little guy to someone else. If anything they can just give you a second opinion.

Answer by Nicki M
Regardless of whether or not he’s running a fever, etc… He could quite possibly choke on his phlegm, you don’t wanna risk it. Don’t let the doctors make you feel over protective and a paranoid mother either!

Answer by Kelsey
Was his snot actually tested for RSV or is this a diagnosis you are making up on your own? If you are just assuming that he has RSV, then don’t stress too much if his only symptom is snot. If he actually does have RSV, I would just go back to the doc. RSV is very serious virus. If you or I were to get it, (and I had it in adulthood) then we could fight it off as a bad cold. But babies have immature lungs (lungs aren’t at adult capacity until 7 years old), particularly if they are premature. The snot/phlegm can be aspirated and cause pneumonia. For some reason people seem to think pneumonia is no big deal… but it’s the 6th leading disease that people in the US die from, and in the top 5 for the elderly… serious stuff.
So my recommendation is that you take him to the doc so the doc can give his lungs a listen. The longer pneumonia goes untreated, the worse it’s going to get. If you go and the doc does nothing, then fine… you wasted a little time, but if the virus is more extensive than you think, then you may have just saved your kids life.
My story…. at 4 months old, my daughter came down with a bad cold. I took her to the doc and they said she’ll be fine. She was eating ok, no fever. So I went home. Later that night, it looked like she was having trouble breathing and she as coughing something terrible. It was after hours, so I took her to the ER where they did a chest x-ray and said she had pneumonia and sent us home with antibiotics. Even later that night, it was clear that she was in respiratory distress, so I took her to the ER once again where they gave me the option of admitting her to the children’s hospital or going home with a nebulizer. I chose to admit her, and was SO glad I did. Her pulse Ox (measures the amount of O2 in your blood stream, and therefore how well your lungs are working) dipped down to 87% normal is 96-100% She was on albuterol ever two hours, steroids and antibiotics. While at the hospital, she was tested for RSV and it came back positive. She was hospitalized for 4 days. Thank god she was fine, but while it was happening it was horrible. So, if it really is RSV it definitely needs to be followed up by a doctor. Even if you THINK it’s pointless, it may not be.

Answer by Purple Roses
I agree with the others who answered your question. Take this child to the ER or get another doctor for this baby. Why are you waiting? I don’t understand this at all.

baby coughing in sleep: Should I take 4 month old baby with RSV back to the doctor?

Best home remedies for cold?

Posted by admin on March 6, 2011

baby coughing in sleep

Best home remedies for cold?
I have a horrible cold. Since I’m pregnant, the only medicine I can take is for coughing because decongestants can hurt the baby. I’ve been downing orange juice like crazy because everyone is telling me it will help. I haven’t slept in almost 2 days because it’s getting so bad, any good home remedies that are safe for my baby and will help get rid of my stuffy nose asap?

Answer by Inzane
- increase vitamin c (fruits, fruit juices)
- eating more garlic with your food- it will help you get over the cold faster
- sipping tea (honey, lemon) will make your throat feel better
- drink lot’s of water to stay hydrated
- saltwater gargles

It really sucks that you are staying up at night… I would try using a humidifier so you can breathe better during the night. I know it really helps. Sleep on at least two pillows to make your breathing easier.

Also, saline nose drops are totally drug-free and will help with your stuffed nose. If you are worried that there are additives in them, I’m sure there are homemade recipes you can find online (just salt and water!) But I would just go and buy them and make sure to read the ingredients.

I find that when I have a cold, steam inhalation works well for my stuffed nose/headache. Click this link to find out which essential oils are safe during pregnancy: and add them to hot water and inhale for a few minutes. Good luck with everything!

Answer by tlworkroom
I know that its a cold and not flu, but I think these would work as well.
I had bad flu since Thanksgiving, and couldn’t get rid of it.

Started taking eccinacea, and took lots of it. Lots of vitamin C. Orange juice is good, but you cna’t get the 3-5 grams you need daily. Go to walmart and get 500mg pills, really cheap, and take 4-6 at a time, few times daily. vitamin C is laughed at, but it’s the body’s main defense for immune system initiation.
Garlic pils/capsule are indeed great for cleansing blood. take about 2 grams daily.

Don’t forget chicken soup. There’s a good reason it’s been around for thousands of years!! Plus it helps cut the phlem.
Hot tea also, more comfort for you. Celestial seasons has great flavors at most supermarkets.

I have found elderberry is a great herb to use when ill. It’s anti=viral and antibacterial. You can get lozenges, pills, or liquid.

Go to local health food store. There are some great remedies for cold and flu that have been made in recent years. They might work for you. Ask a salesperson, they hve nothing to gain by selling certain items. They can give you great advice for your cold.

baby coughing in sleep: Best home remedies for cold?

Not getting answers from pediatrician….?

Posted by admin on March 5, 2011

Not getting answers from pediatrician….?
My daughter is supposed to go back in 3 weeks, but we will most likely be making yet another trip tomorrow.

This all started in June, my then 9 month old daughter developed what I thought was a normal cold. She had the clear runny nose, then about 7-8 days later started with a slight cough that seemed to improve a bit after about 3 days. I was (and am still) attending classes 4 days a week and my mother watched my daughter during the day. This day she had a slight fever and I left my mom with instructions to use the ibuprofen or tylenol as needed. Other than that my daughter seemed fine. About an hour after arriving at school I received a call. My mom was panicked. My daughter passed out and was unconscious. I rushed leaving all of my things behind, to the ER. My daughter was barely conscious and when jostled she would quickly go out again. The workers in the ER rushed around and it felt like utter chaos. The the ER pediatrician came in. She started asking my mom about medications in the home. She swore up and down that my daughter ate some kind of medicine. They tested and tested and tested all the tox screens came back negative over the next 24 hours, by that time she was pretty much back to normal. They did find that she had an extremely elevated white blood cell count (something like 34) and administered IV antibiotics. They thought she may have an ear infection and a possible infection in her left lung (they did x-rays etc.)

At her second follow up I had to ask if they would re-test her White Blood Cell count as I was worried because my family has a history of childhood leukemia. They sent me to the hospital to have her blood drawn. The results showed it was quite lower (18).

They pretty much shrugged their shoulders and told me they have no answers as to why this happened to her.

Since then I have noticed she is constantly getting fevers and infections (last month we were treating for a urinary tract infection). She is always very pale. She has some days where she seems fine and then others where you can tell she doesn’t feel well.

Today I cam home to a baby that had not slept all day and that was burning up with yet another fever. After a dose of tylenol and some cuddle time she is sleeping soundly.

She also seems to have a cough and runny nose that will clear up for a week and come back.

Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?? I am one tired, worried, frustrated mom.
Thank you for your responses. Yes this is her regular pediatrician.

Answer by serendipity_siren
That is so sad, I feel horrible for you. Do you have a regular Ped. or have you just seen the ER Ped. The doctors in the ER, in my experience, have never been as helpful as my regular doctor. I wish I had some good advice, but sounds like you are already doing all you can. If you are not happy with what your doctor says go get a second opinion. I went through 5 doctors before I found my favorite. Good Luck!

Answer by Jaz F
To me, it sounds like an immune system problem. But, I am no doctor so don’t take my word for it. Instead, book an appointment with a different doctor and explain your ideas to him/her. A second opinion and a different doctor can make all the difference.

Answer by mama_sayed
Take her to a different pediatrician and get another opinion. There is a problem that the first dr. can’t or doesn’t want to check out. Leukemia is not easily diagnosed, but I don’t know what all the symptoms are.

baby coughing in sleep: Not getting answers from pediatrician….?

My twin sister keeps slandering me & lying, saying I harm her kids. How can I keep from being sad about it? ?

Posted by admin on March 4, 2011

My twin sister keeps slandering me & lying, saying I harm her kids. How can I keep from being sad about it? ?
My twin sister & I got into an argument yesterday AND today, about my niece being born back in 2004. She & her mentally retarded husband were telling me that they didn’t trust me to hold their baby. We were about 20 @ the time. I was in college. I had 2 strokes @ age 5, & I suffer OCD, Tourette’s, anxiety, & depression.

Well, anyway, they were acting silly & being immature, talking about how they don’t trust me to hold the baby because they thought that with my Tourette’s, I was gonna drop her. Well, they’re very uneducated about my disability, & they think it’s funny to treat me like trash because of my anxiety & Tourette’s.

Now, we’re 25, & I have a college degree. She doesn’t. The day after the baby was born, she was drugged up from the pain meds & told ME to feed the baby, & then she went back to sleep. & her retarded husband was like, “Yeah, FEED THE BABY!” & he laughed & thought it was funny.

I said, “Well, isn’t the baby gonna choke? How do you expect me to feed her laying down if you say you don’t trust me to hold her?” & he threatened me. He had pulled knives on me a countless amount of times throughout their marriage, & she never tried to stop him. But anyway, my twin sister lied on me, saying that I said, “Well Dwayne told me to KILL the baby!” But I did NOT say that. I said that he told me to feed the baby laying down. I was intimidated, so that’s why I put the bottle in her mouth. All it took was 2 drops of milk, & she started choking & coughing. Then, my twin sister woke up & went OFF on me. But she INITIALLY told me to feed the baby, also saying she didn’t trust me to hold her b/c of being afraid I’m gonna drop her because of my uncontrollable shaking, anxiety, & nervousness. I felt trapped & confused.

The guy makes harsh jokes & tries to destroy your ENTIRE life, over SERIOUS issues that are NOT to be played with. The next day, he secretly called me, lying & saying my twin sister was dying, just to get me to look like a fool & rush to the hospital. Next thing I knew, I was falsely accused of trying to smother & choke/kill the baby. Now, the whole family has NO respect for me because of their lies.

She tried to say that the nurses & security guards, etc. HEARD me say KILL, which was not true. If that was the case, they would’ve escorted med out immediately. No, her husband snuck behind my back & lied on me, saying I tried to kill the baby, & he thought it was funny.

Next yr. after that, she falsely accused me of molesting the baby. Then, she lied to everyone saying that when her son was a yr. old, I looked @ him like I wanted to do oral sex on him.

But you know what? Every person she gets angry with, she always falsely accuses them of harming her kids. Just like she promiscuously sleeps with men & women & then hollers RAPE when she feels guilty.

She was so negligent with her 1st baby that she accused me of harming, that she would ignore the baby & the baby would eat her own feces. Very negligent. Earlier this yr.,she gave all “3″ of her kids away to CPS, just to be just to be with a girl who she sexually wants, in which that’s the same girl she snatched from my brother & was proudly bragging about it. Now that she broke up with the girl, she’s saying the girl harmed her kids. But because of the gayness, she forgives the girl.

But here, I’m innocent, career oriented, & want to improve & further my life. She tried to say I ruined her 1st birthing experience. Actually, her husband did. Now, they’re separated. They make all kinds of lies on me, & the whole family believes it. She lies to them, saying I’m schizophrenic & crazy with multiple personalities, & she treats me like a child & belittles me. She forgives strangers for doing her wrong, but holds 3-yr. old grudges for things she falsely accuses me of, that I’ve never done. Now, the talk of the family is that I’m crazy, a child molester, & a sicko. All not true.

They just made up those lies to try to be funny & destroy my career.

Sorry for the long explanation, but I just basically want to know if you’re THAT drugged up, how can you be alert enough to know EXACTLY what’s going on? & then, tonight, she hung up in my face.

Right now, I’m about to cry, & I’m tired of the family rumors. I’m the only 1 in the family with a college degree. They’re trying to destroy my career by these lies. I can’t take this anymore. I’m trying SO hard to stay strong & not feel suicidal. I don’t wanna go to the hospital. They do no help. All they do is incorrectly diagnose you & put you on meds that you don’t belong on.
& It’s OK for her to throw it in my face, but when I try to explain that I didn’t do it, she told me to drop the subject, & she hung up in my face.

Answer by Penguin Online
You sound like you are fairly smart, so why stay around them – what to be threatened and humiliated. You may love your sister, but you don’t have to put up with her husband and his antics. Stay away and as far away as possible. Set up a new life – your own life. Move on and up – don’t let anyone bring you down.

Answer by m g
It sounds like you have a very messed up family. The ideal answer to this is to move as far away as possible and stay away from them. Just because you are born into a family doesn’t mean you have to stay in it once you’re an adult. There are so many nice people in the world. Stay away from the creepy ones, no matter who they are.

Answer by jdsmomkris03
You need to seperate yourself from your family. If they are believing these things about you then you need to completely seperate yourself from them. Cut all ties, especially with your sister, who obviously is just looking for attention. You are better off without these people who are only trying to bring you down.

Answer by Cupcake NAN
Stay away from her kids and her, don’t talk to any of them and they can’t get to you.

baby coughing in sleep: My twin sister keeps slandering me & lying, saying I harm her kids. How can I keep from being sad about it? ?

My baby is vomiting frequently?

Posted by admin on March 2, 2011

My baby is vomiting frequently?
I am having 4 months baby boy having one muscular VSD in heart which is very tiny now.Treatment for this is going on properly.But my son is vomiting after feeding/while he is not sleeping frequently.Acutally some times cough or milk is their in vomit.I shown it many child specialist they inform this is natural not to worry my baby is gaining 1 kg weight per month.Pl suggest what would be the reason is this normal or not.Till date he is feeding only but after completion of 5 month we are planning to start food

waiting for your positive reply on urgent basis


Answer by stumpu2
When our daughter was a couple months old she would throw up after feedings( formula in a bottle) and had colic. We finally figured out after taking her to an allergist that she is allergic to dairy and soy. So the formula which has milk protein in it was giving her an allergic reaction. So we switched her to a hypo-allergenic formula and she stopped getting sick. Her colic went away also. It’s just a long shot sorry I couldn’t help more. Good luck!

Answer by Jeni
Your doctor is right — if he is gaining weight properly then the vomiting is okay. Normal even. My baby had some complex heart defects, is 3 months old, and had a gastronomy tube put in — feeding tube — due to problems from the open heart surgery. She also has reflux issues (vomiting) so she had what is called a nissen fundaplaction, an operation that makes it impossible for her to vomit basically. Basically my response is to worry when there is a real problem. If he doesn’t gain weight then you can have surgery. Not a big deal otherwise. Feeding issues are frustrating but not heart issues. Hope the VSD closes — I’m guessing its on the small side?

baby coughing in sleep: My baby is vomiting frequently?

Prednisolone medication for a baby?

Posted by admin on March 1, 2011

Prednisolone medication for a baby?
My 13 month old was prescribed this due to a croopy cough, runny nose and mouth breathing. It seemed to make him dizzy of weak in teh legs. 3 hours after i gave it too him he was falling down and just didnt seem normal. My mother said its because he was exhausted from lack of sleep and the cold itself. what do you think????

Answer by btbasm
Prednisolone is a fairly strong steroid (not anabolic). It is used in babies with a croopy cough. One of the side effects can be muscle weakness and/or cramping.

Normally, this medication is only used for a short amount of time. However, if those symptoms persist I would talk to the doctor right away.

I have personally taken mega-does of the stuff for eczema. Everytime I take it, I do seem to have some unwanted side-effect. So, the trick is use when you need to, but not a second longer.

One other note: That medicine has to be decreased slowly when coming off of it. It throws the body out of whack a bit, and suddenly stopping it without a doctor watching can lead to other problems. So, alway consult your doctor about this drug.

baby coughing in sleep: Prednisolone medication for a baby?

Pregnant with bad cough and green mucus…?

Posted by admin on February 28, 2011

baby coughing in sleep

Pregnant with bad cough and green mucus…?
I’m 24 weeks pregnant and I’ve had a persistent cough with green mucus that has lasted; going on 9 days now. It is extremely difficult for me to sleep at night, as when I lay down the cough gets worse. I’ve had a total of 10 hours of sleep in the last 5 days. I went to the hospital today and they believe I may have bronchitis, but couldn’t do an x-ray because of my pregnancy. The doctor gave me steroids and antibiotics. I reluctantly took them even though I do not like medication because of my pregnancy. However, I fear that all my coughing and lack of sleep is putting much strain on my baby.
Is there any advice anyone can give me regarding how to overcome my sickness in a safe way?
Thank you so much for your time.

Answer by another wanderer
A doctor could help you. I’m not sure which doctor treats this through.

Answer by casdave2001
Do you seriously think the doctor would have given you something that would hurt the baby? What will hurt the baby is you not treating the illness. Take the medicine as directed for the full course and get healthy. That’s the best way to protect your baby.
God bless and help you through this.

Answer by mazzzifier
i had this but i wasnt pregnant n it was like i had the flu, after a couple of weeks it cleared up – i shudda gone doc but i coulcdnt be bothered
good luck with the baby

Answer by itshotinjt04
Just make sure to drink plenty of fluids. At night, try sleeping slightly reclined, like with pillows propped under you. That should ease some congestion. Take your medication although you don’t want to. I understand as I was anti-meds during pregnancy (no caffeine, either). See if you can go to your ob/gyn. Maybe he/she can help you with some things that are safe and will help you. Good luck because you really need your rest now!

Answer by Little Chip
Sorry but green mucus or phlegm is a symptom of a bad chest infection. Steroids and antibiotics are the only form of treatment. Neither course of medication should last long if taken correctly, however you may hinder your health and that of your babies if you don’t clear your lungs.
If the coughing and phlegm is still causing a problem even after you’ve completed the medication, then go back to your doctor and seek better treatment and more advice. Be strong, after all the health of you and your baby is far more important than worrying about a doctors feelings.
You need to clear this infection so get all the help you can asap.
Good luck.

Answer by jaksonjules
Eat extremely healthy, take high absorption supplements, drink purified water, get the proper rest (if you can) and stay away from harmful toxins. Don’t use bleach or cleaning, laundry or personal care products unless they are safe.

Since you are taking antibiotics, eat yogurt to replace the good bacteria. Get your body healthy again by building your immune system.

Since you are pregnant please check into safer products for you and your home. I can share what we use, if you wish.

If you need more specifics contact me.

Answer by rachnoh
I am also 24 weeks pregnant and have the same symptoms. It started out with coughing up thick green mucus and now I have started just coughing with the feel of mucus ion my throat. My sinuses have been crazy, sometimes its clear but most of the time its clogged and tons of pressure in my head. I am used to the sinus stuff because i have bad sinuses especially since being pregnant.

I read up on these symptoms as well and have conclude that antibiotics are not always the answer. my suggestion is to drink lots of water, drink lots! and use a expectant like robitussin dm. Hopefully this works. I have also been using chlorespetic spray for my throat.

baby coughing in sleep: Pregnant with bad cough and green mucus…?

My baby girl (3 1/2) has bad flu symptoms and we had our flu shots less than 6 months ago..?

Posted by admin on February 27, 2011

baby coughing in sleep

My baby girl (3 1/2) has bad flu symptoms and we had our flu shots less than 6 months ago..?
My daughter started getting sick with a cough and sore throat, then it seemed to go away for a few days and all of a sudden she’s vomiting, saying her tummy hurts, fever, malaise (which is VERY odd for her even when she is sick). All afternoon she said she was tired and laid on the couch, I finally got her to sleep a few hours ago and she woke up saying she had to go to bathroom and by the time i picked her up she started pooping. Even on her worst case of Diarreha she always makes it to the bathroom she has never had an accident she was trained at 15 months. She went twice in 5 minutes, I just got her back to sleep and her stomach is bubbling alot and the fever seems to be getting higher (broken themometer don’t know exact temp) I definitely know it’s at least 99 and rising. Long story short, she has a current Flu shot and has all the symptoms of a flu should I be worried it’s the Swine Flu? We are in ND, there are no known cases but we have been in MN all last week were there is 1 confirmed and 6 cases pending. Should I take her in or wait it out? I am very scared and worried for my baby, she is acting way out of the normal even on her sick days. P.S what can I do to help her feel better if you think I should just wait it out

Answer by turtlemurtle
take her to the doctor immediately!!
you dont wanna wait it out if its very serious like it sounds

Answer by Out of control
If you’re that worried there should be no question but to take her to the doctor.

Answer by BZBZMom
I would absolutely take her in. If it is bad enough to close schools, it is bad enough to take your child to the doctor. Of course, she will be exposed there, but if the doctor’s office thinks it is the swine flu, I am pretty sure you won’t be left waiting in the waiting area for long :)

I am sorry your little girl is not feeling well. keep her hydrated and comfortable. I learned this AFTER being stuck in a remote area with a 1-1/2 year old with a 105 fever: you can alternate tylenol and advil, something like every 3 hours. Sometimes one or the other does not keep them comfy enough. Also, keep a little cool cloth on her forehead, because she probably has a headache. Give her ice chips to help with hydration, as it does not take long to get very dehydrated from the fever and the diarreah. Also, to help with fever, wipe her down with warm water. The water will evaporate and cool her off.

I would say, take her in asap. Maybe your pediatrician has an after hours call number where you can speak with a nurse. But even if they say wait it out, do what your gut tells you to do.

Good luck and hope she gets well quickly!

Answer by Vanessa E
There are lots of bugs around which can cause these sorts of symptoms. The flu shot only protects you against a particular strain of flu, so it’s still possible to catch something else that causes similar symptoms. More than likely she has some sort of stomach virus, rather than swine flu. The main thing to be concerned about would be dehydration, especially if she has a fever, vomiting and bad diarrhea. Kids can get dehydrated more easily than adults. Has she been able to keep any fluids down? Best to see a doctor, just to be sure.
Hope she gets better soon x

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