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Friday, February 27, 2015

blood in that normal?

Posted by admin on April 17, 2011

blood in that normal?
my sister’s baby [ 2 months old] been coughing and sis check her temperture it was 98 then she used the ulcer syringe to remove her baby’s booger then she saw a lot of blood so is that normal or she need to go see a doctor?

Answer by great_guns2003
Though I am not a doctor or anything, I’d suggest you see a doctor immediately because it is certainly not normal to have blood in mucous (unless it is from a nosebleed, of course).

Please do not wait for an answer on this forum. Go to a doctor.

Answer by jaylynn
If the baby is having a lot of drainage or dried out nasal passages, the tissue could be sore or cracked. that will often cause the bleeding. If its not a large amount, remains a darker red, and now flowing without mucus, then she’s probably okay. Just to be safe call the doctor and ask a nurse. They’ll tell you whether or not its a serious problem and if you should be seen by a doctor.

Answer by kailey
see a doctor…

baby sneezing: blood in that normal?