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Sunday, March 1, 2015

What’s your review on Delsym cough syrup?

Posted by admin on June 19, 2011

What’s your review on Delsym cough syrup?
so , i have a cough ,
& i’ve taken an array of cough syrups & stuff.
robutession (sp) is supposed to be the best , but i’m such a baby & can’t swallow it ;p lol
a few people suggested delsym , & they said it tasted pretty good ,
but when i went online to get few more opinions ,
they were all abou getting high off of it!
i don’twantto get high ,
i just wanna get better : (

Answer by Sheila
There are LOTS of cough medicines which are pills, not liquid. Anything you need, you can get at Walmart or other drugstores. If it has pseudoephedrine in it, in the US it is sold behind the counter and, in many states, one must be 18 and show a driver’s license to buy it, but you can buy Tylenol products to generic products which will stop your coughing. And they are right out in the cough and cold section. I like Mucinex and Sudafed 12-hour, but it is up to you!

baby cough: What’s your review on Delsym cough syrup?