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Sunday, March 29, 2015

My 7 month old has a runny nose and very watering and running eyes. At what time do you call the doc?

Posted by admin on May 6, 2011

baby sneezing

My 7 month old has a runny nose and very watering and running eyes. At what time do you call the doc?
By the way, I am a first time mom, so I over react. I would never call the doc if I had these symptoms, but I dont know how it works with a little baby and their immune system. She had been coughing and sneezing a little and VERY cranky.
Really? Cutting teeth? I didnt know a runny nose and watery eyes were symptoms! Well, then…that makes sense! I feel a relief…but I will keep an eye on it. thanks.

Answer by Jim
an over reacting mom is a good mom,my grand baby was over last night(6months)and she had the same symptoms,but she is just cutting teeth.If she is running a fever then be best to call the Doc

Answer by Kitsu_L
sounds like she’s cutting teeth! congrats ;) if she starts getting a high fever ((over 101 degrees)) bring her to the dr’s

Answer by Matthew H
keep in mind this is allergy season. She could just have allergies. I don’t think there’s much to do with treating her, at such a young age. You couldn’t give her pills or anything. However, do call your doctor, it’s their job to help you. Don’t feel embarrassed to call, you look [in lack of a better word] stupid if you don’t call. This is your child we’re talking about! God for bide it’s something worse, only your doctor can tell you. Call him/her now.

Answer by krzynurse13
I would say baby has a cold or could be cutting teeth. Unless your baby has a fever over 102, not drinking, having a decreased urine output, (less wet diapers) i think the baby is fine.. loook in the mouth and see if the gums are red or if you can see some teeth poking through. is the baby drooling a lot and chewing on blankets or hand?? the baby actually has immunity that you passed on to her while she was in your uterus. You passed on a lot of the immunity you have to her, also, if you breast fed you passed on a lot more. Try not to worry too much. Keep her comfortable, (you can try baby motrin drops) or have a cold teether for her to try . But if it is just a runny nose and watery eyes and a little fussy I mean, you wouldn’t go to the doctors for a cold so unless the baby has other medical conditions that we don’t know about I don’t think you need to see the doctor.

Answer by versantly
use the bulb syringe & saline drops more frequently. give her more water (in a cup) and call the pediatrician.

Answer by Anne
Watery eyes and runny nose = cutting teeth? Really people?

Sounds like seasonal or environmental allergies, or a sinus infection, or even a head cold will do that. Very young babies, when they have extra fluid in their sinuses, they will drain just about anywhere, even the eyes.

If the baby is not acting normally, then call the doctor.
If everything else seems okay, then make an appointment with a pediatric allergist to pinpoint the problem.

Keep in mind that if your baby has seasonal or environmental allergies at this age, they are at higher risk for food allergies, so seeing an allergist now would be a good idea just to be safe.
If the baby also has eczema or spits up or vomits a lot, wakes up in the middle of the night in pain, things like that, then run to the allergist, don’t wait.

Answer by nmisasi
you should just keep an eye on your child if the runny eyes and nose continue to persist and additional symptoms start showing such as fever or rash you should talk to the pediatrician and make sure it is nothing serious

baby sneezing: My 7 month old has a runny nose and very watering and running eyes. At what time do you call the doc?