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Friday, March 27, 2015

How long is a toddler contagious after being sick?

Posted by admin on April 3, 2011

How long is a toddler contagious after being sick?
One of my biggest pet peeves is people taking their kids out when they are sick…I mean, not the common cold, like a runny nose, because I understand that colds are common in kids, but other more serious viruses/infections. My 2 year old was just around her 1 year old cousin and another infant cousin who both had runny noses and coughs, and the coughing sounded pretty bad…a lot of congestion in their throats, etc. Anyway, I know they started getting symptoms about 5 days ago, so I’m wondering if they were still contagious because our family got together for a Christmas party and I’m now wondering if my 2 year old might come down with whatever her cousins had…the 1 year olds mom said they doc told her that it was a virus and just had to run its course so not sure what she has, but wondering how long a child is typically contagious after symtoms show up. Thanks

Answer by freshbliss
As long as they have a fever

Answer by Sarah Z
I thought that bacterial was contagious up to 24 hours after a fever, and viral, well that can be caught by contact or air born contact… i could be wrong though, but I know sometimes ever doesn’t come into play. I recently had a sinus, ear, and upper respiratory infection ( no fever ) and I have a sick 2 yr old about to have surgery who can not get sick, and my doctor told me to wear a mask because my son could catch my infection just by me breathing on him….

Answer by Denise M
it all depends on the virus.

Best bet: as long as there is mucous coming from somewhere, SOMEONE can catch “SOMETHING”

as a ‘rule of thumb’ a virus is only contagious for about 12-34 hours after a fever has broken, but can still be active in mucosal residues.

Wash your childs hands frequently, be aware of personal space, be aware of toy sharing and toys being put in the mouth and around the face…but don’t expect everyone to lock their children up for the slightest sniffle. Take charge of your own children’s well being and keep them clean and well rested, well fed and full of vitamins.

Answer by murigenii
I don’t know for sure, but to be safe when my kids were little I didn’t consider them over it (whatever it was) until they went 24 hours without a fever.

Toddler Cough: How long is a toddler contagious after being sick?

Question about medicine dosage and toddler vomiting?

Posted by admin on February 14, 2011

Toddler Cough

Question about medicine dosage and toddler vomiting?
The situation is this: my aunt gave my cousin (who is almost 3) cherry-flavored Tylenol and azithromycin prescribed for him for a cough, but he vomited soon afterwards (5 mins after the Tylenol, about 15 mins after the azithromycin). Should she wait the recommended 4 hrs before giving him the next dosage? Or should she give him the same dose right away, assuming that he vomited out everything else?

Answer by Cranky
Any time someone vomits he/she should not have anything to eat or drink for 4 hours, or in the case of a child as long as you can put them off. This is to let the stomach settle down.

Answer by cyaintu
I would monitor his symptoms. If the child is running a fever, I would wait an hour and then given him another dose. You always want to monitor a fever, so don’t let it get out of control. In reference to the azithromycin, did the child throw up the pill or did it stay down? If the pill did not come up, then leave well enough alone. If the pill did come up, then go ahead and give him another dose.

From a mother of 2 boys.

Toddler Cough: Question about medicine dosage and toddler vomiting?