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Friday, March 27, 2015

benadryl and cough medicine…which should I give her?

Posted by admin on January 15, 2011

baby dry cough

benadryl and cough medicine…which should I give her?
My baby is 1 1/2….Dr. says she has a cold and to just use the cough medicine (DM) she perscribed months back. She has a miserable cough from the mucus and is very hoarse so I was thinking of giving her benadryl to dry her up. It always worked before but I have been scared to try it because she has been taking this cough syrup…how many hours should I wait before admin the benadryl…she had the cough medicine last at 4:30 and her nose is still pouring.

Answer by Brittay H
Benadryl is Ok to give her but it is goin to make her sleepy and it really won’t take care of the cough or the hoarseness. You can give her the benadryl with the cough syrup. The cough syrup is just a suppresent and won’t dry anything up. If you want a second opinion your doctor should be on call.

Answer by xkiss_thisx2
with an adult Id say go ahead but the best thing I can advise you to do is call a pharmacy and ask to speak to the pharmacist. Most Walgreens are open all night. I think with a baby that would be your best bet I wouldn’t bank on anyone on here being an expert just because they say they are.

Answer by Marcela O
you need to give her robatussuim but if it’s not good for her age then give her regular cough medicine.

Answer by woman’s stride
However out of experience I can tell you to watch that cough in your baby. Also watch for any signs of congestion in your child. Mucus can build up quickly in a young child.

Couging can be an indicator of Asthma. Most doctors will not diagnose a baby with Asthma until after 2 years. If the cough is ongoing report it to your doctor, and have them check your child for wheezing. Some children wheeze silently, and it takes a doctor to listen very closely. I also have a 8 year old daughter who had a prolonged cough (Asthmatic) and the doctor said she was wheezing silently. It wasn’t loud that you would notice it. But still she was wheezing.. Once she took the Asthma treatment (Albuterol) it stopped the cough. Also Asthmatics coughs should never be suppressed or given cough medicine. They need to cough to pull up the phlegm.

I have a 2 and a half year old baby. When she was 1 she got really congested, and I took her to the E.R. room. She was prescribed a breathing machine with Albuterol. You have to watch out for RSV in younger babies..resembles the symptoms of a cold.

Benadryl is good for runny nose, and watery eyes, scratchy throat. Just keep a eye on your baby. Call the Pharmacy, or go in person if you feel more comfortable. I don’t know what time it is in your location. Medicine leaves their system within 4-6 hours. Call the Pharmacy to get an accurate time to give any other medicine, and ask their opinion first.

baby dry cough: benadryl and cough medicine…which should I give her?