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Friday, March 27, 2015

cough medicines for a 1 year old?

Posted by admin on April 23, 2011

baby cough

cough medicines for a 1 year old?
My 1 year old baby got sick not to long ago,his cough did get a lil’ worse.He is now coughing up phlegm(mucus)I want to know if there is a medicine for infant’s that i can give him and if not,what are the best and save home remedies that would help my baby get better?

Answer by oldersox
If your kid is coughing up phlegm and it is clear or white then you don’t want to stop it. If the phlegm is yellow, brown, green or red then your kid needs to see a doctor as this indicates an infection of some sort. Just make sure your kid is not sleeping on his back as swallowing the phlegm may lead to nausea or choking. Most cough medicines don’t really do much, we cough for a reason and that is to get crap out of our lungs so that we can breathe properly, the only cough you should treat to stop is a dry one.

Answer by alpla
You may know the FDA has deemed all cough preparations are not safe for children under 2 y.o. ( but really under 12).

You can put two drops of saline solution (Ocean spray) in nostrils for congestion. That will help cough in a day or two.
Plenty of water; rub some Vicks on chest and a little on upper lip (to inhale vapors).
And use a room vaporizer.
Hope helps.

baby cough: cough medicines for a 1 year old?