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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Baby keeps coughing??

Posted by admin on February 21, 2011

Baby keeps coughing??
My 10 month old keeps coughing repeatedly ive taken him to doctor after doctor and nothing, they all tell me the same thing and prescribe the same medicines, latley he has been coughing so bad he chokes and coughs up phelgum and its a light yellow green, and if he has his milk he will throw it all up from the coughing its constant day and night, i dont know what to do, we have not done no chest xray yet is that needed, antibiotic?? what could this cough be i listen to his chest closley and it has a light weezing and i feel that his chest is so conjested he has a very runny nose and he has been having fevers for 4 days straight 38-40 c i dont know what to do, anyone can tell me what he has, or what i should do

Answer by sokokl
Yes, it would be a good idea to have a chest x-ray done. I would also recommend taking him to a Pediatric ear, nose, and throat specialist or pediatric pulmonologist (drs that treat problems of the lungs) if you haven’t already to see what they think is going on.

Because of the fevers I would try the ER if you haven’t already.

Answer by Nitro
I know when I was young I had what is called Whooping Cough, where I would cough so much I would vomit. My mom said it lasted over 3 months. I don’t know if thats what your baby has but it definitely sounds like something is wrong. I would try to find a really good doctor or maybe go to an emergency room in a hospital.

Answer by CJ
he might have infantile asthma. It’s hard to tell without me listening to his chest with a stethoscope. If I’m right, he needs to puff some Salbutamol or Salmeterol (depending on what country you are, but any drug of the same class would work). That should relieve his coughing.

Answer by anipmeg
He is having an infection and sound a very serious one if temperature is going up. Please see a specialist and tell them about the other doctors opinion and medicine prescribe. Honestly try another one and dont give up until they find out what is wrong. It may be a normal cold, it could be something else. With babies I usually do not take any chances as i am no expert in child illness myself and i do not want to regret anything.

Seriously I know what it feels like to have a baby like that. But we mothers have to be strong and persists on even others think we are a nuisance sometimes. I dont care my baby’s health is first and i am willing to pay to know what is wrong and continue to do so until i get and answer or a solution.

Answer by waddabunchabologna
Sounds like a possible infection if hes spitting up yellow green phelgum. but the first thing you need to do is don’t give him real milk. Baby formula would be ok but not real milk. He could be having a lactose intolerance or acid reflux. that WILL make you cough and you can be born with it. Find a doctor who will listen to you and demand a chest xray and then have them run some blood tests too. Your the babies mom make demands don’t sit by and let some imcompetent doctor not do whats needed. After all your the one who hired HIM to fix your baby and your the one who will be paying for the tests. Not the other way around.

Sounds like Whooping Cough too. Here is some info on that:

Whooping Cough (Pertussis) – Symptoms
Symptoms of whooping cough typically last 6 to 10 weeks (but may last longer), and they occur in three stages.

First stage
Coldlike symptoms begin and last for several days to 2 weeks. Symptoms usually include sneezing, a runny nose, mild coughing, watery eyes, and sometimes a mild fever. An infected person is most contagious during this stage.

Second stage
The most serious symptoms develop during this phase and last about 2 to 4 weeks or longer. As coldlike symptoms fade, the cough gets worse. A dry, hacking cough intensifies into bursts of uncontrollable, often violent coughing that may make it temporarily impossible to breathe. The person may quickly inhale when trying to take a breath through airways narrowed by inflammation, which sometimes creates a whooping noise.

In babies, coughing spells:

May be triggered by very slight stimulation, such as taking in food or milk, sucking, exposure to a sudden sound or light, or stretching.
May cause symptoms of flushed cheeks, pale or bluish complexion from lack of oxygen, and bulging or watery eyes. A baby may also stick out his or her tongue, push the chest forward, or flail arms and legs in distress.
May be frightening to watch, although most babies recover and regain control of their breathing on their own. Babies generally feel well between coughing spells but may become exhausted from the physical effort of coughing.
May lead to hospitalization, especially if the baby is younger than 4 months of age. Hospitalization allows health professionals to monitor the baby’s condition and evaluate how well he or she tolerates and recovers from coughing episodes.
Third stage
The final stage, lasting for a few weeks or months, is a gradual recovery period. Although the person gains strength and begins to feel better, the cough may become louder and sound worse. Coughing spells become less frequent but may flare up again if a cold or other upper respiratory illness develops. This final stage may last longer in people who were not given the whooping cough (pertussis) vaccine.

Complications, such as pneumonia or exertion-related injuries from coughing, such as a hernia, can develop from whooping cough. These types of health problems pose the most serious risk to children younger than 4 months and adults age 60 and older.

Here is another link you can try but go demand a chest xray. Your paying for it not the doctor.

Answer by John P
Very concerning as a parent and you are doing the right thing taking your baby to the doctor. Since your child is not getting better and actually may be getting worse, the correct thing to do is go back to the doctor.

If you choose to go to the ERor urgent care, suppose you ask for
1. CBC and BMP as well as urine culture and urinalysis and last blood culture and chest xray.

Espically if the baby turns blue and is choking, you gotta express your deep concern to doctors. It is hard as the doc has to weigh the benifit of being in the hosptial versus being cared for at home.

Answer by MisMischievous
Running a fever that high, your child definitely has an infection of some type, and the source of that infection is obviously not being treated.

You are obviously not in the US, so your ‘standard of medical care’ is different than what I am used to. If you have been seeing doctor’s in a private office type setting, or a clinic of doctors — stop that immediately! Go to where ever the best medical care is and do whatever you have to do, take your husband with you, but demand that your child be seen by a Pediatrician. (A baby doctor) These doctors tend to know better the illnesses of young children and how to deal with them.

The cough is signaling that is the place to start, and the high fever does probably mean that antibiotics are needed, but the type of infection will determine which drugs will do the trick. Use your ‘cultural skills’ along with your MOM power to make sure you get your child taken care of.

Good luck!

Answer by jasperlady1
All of the above answers are good, however as you are getting no satisfaction from your GP and nothing is being done and as your baby has a fever take him to the emergency department of your hospital. Given his age they will usually see to him quite quickly. He has a fever which indicates an infection. He needs to be treated immediately

Answer by d.a.f.f.y.
I agree with everyone. But for sure take him off cow’s milk! Switch to Soy Milk. My son had severe allergies to cow’s milk. His vomit would look like curdled cottage cheese chunks and he had constant diarrhea. Many children cannot tolerate cow’s milk. If you are still using formula try a soy based one. And, with his phlem being light yellow green it does sound like some sort of infection, especially with the fever. You might want to try taking your baby to an allergist. This could all be caused by allergies.

baby constant coughing: Baby keeps coughing??

benadryl and cough medicine…which should I give her?

Posted by admin on January 15, 2011

baby dry cough

benadryl and cough medicine…which should I give her?
My baby is 1 1/2….Dr. says she has a cold and to just use the cough medicine (DM) she perscribed months back. She has a miserable cough from the mucus and is very hoarse so I was thinking of giving her benadryl to dry her up. It always worked before but I have been scared to try it because she has been taking this cough syrup…how many hours should I wait before admin the benadryl…she had the cough medicine last at 4:30 and her nose is still pouring.

Answer by Brittay H
Benadryl is Ok to give her but it is goin to make her sleepy and it really won’t take care of the cough or the hoarseness. You can give her the benadryl with the cough syrup. The cough syrup is just a suppresent and won’t dry anything up. If you want a second opinion your doctor should be on call.

Answer by xkiss_thisx2
with an adult Id say go ahead but the best thing I can advise you to do is call a pharmacy and ask to speak to the pharmacist. Most Walgreens are open all night. I think with a baby that would be your best bet I wouldn’t bank on anyone on here being an expert just because they say they are.

Answer by Marcela O
you need to give her robatussuim but if it’s not good for her age then give her regular cough medicine.

Answer by woman’s stride
However out of experience I can tell you to watch that cough in your baby. Also watch for any signs of congestion in your child. Mucus can build up quickly in a young child.

Couging can be an indicator of Asthma. Most doctors will not diagnose a baby with Asthma until after 2 years. If the cough is ongoing report it to your doctor, and have them check your child for wheezing. Some children wheeze silently, and it takes a doctor to listen very closely. I also have a 8 year old daughter who had a prolonged cough (Asthmatic) and the doctor said she was wheezing silently. It wasn’t loud that you would notice it. But still she was wheezing.. Once she took the Asthma treatment (Albuterol) it stopped the cough. Also Asthmatics coughs should never be suppressed or given cough medicine. They need to cough to pull up the phlegm.

I have a 2 and a half year old baby. When she was 1 she got really congested, and I took her to the E.R. room. She was prescribed a breathing machine with Albuterol. You have to watch out for RSV in younger babies..resembles the symptoms of a cold.

Benadryl is good for runny nose, and watery eyes, scratchy throat. Just keep a eye on your baby. Call the Pharmacy, or go in person if you feel more comfortable. I don’t know what time it is in your location. Medicine leaves their system within 4-6 hours. Call the Pharmacy to get an accurate time to give any other medicine, and ask their opinion first.

baby dry cough: benadryl and cough medicine…which should I give her?