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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Toddler has a red puffy eye- eye drops?

Posted by admin on April 3, 2011

Toddler has a red puffy eye- eye drops?
OK– so my son has a very red and puffy eye, I am not sure if it is allergies.. he is feeling fine in everyother way… he is still himself and isn’t really coughing or have a fever…he may sneeze every once in a while. Well 2 days ago he had the itchy red eye and then when he woke up yesterday it was gone.. but later in the evening it started to get itchy again and he accidentally got some bubbles in his eye and then it got very swollen even after i washed it out… what type of eye drops should i get??

We are in the process of moving and i am staying at my grandfathers house and his father has his incurance card– i know very stupid!! so we can’t goto the doctors.

Answer by william
This is allergy season and itching is a sign of allergy. If you can’t go to the doctor you should at least ask your local druggist to recommend something. The problem is very common and annoying but not really serious.

Toddler Cough: Toddler has a red puffy eye- eye drops?