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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Is blood & phlegm bad?

Posted by admin on November 5, 2011

Is blood & phlegm bad?
Yes.. I know there’s many posts on this!! I’ve already checked.

but, I wanted to ask on my condition..
I’m 18 weeks pregnant, taking Metoprol[25mg], twice a day. for my heart.
And I’m sick.. & I guess getting a little better.. but now I’ve been coughing up blood with my phlegm, or sometimes it’s just spit n blood.. or just a little blood of blood.. and I’ve NEVER coughed up blood before, only mucus/phlegm. is that bad for my condition?? I’ve seen posts that said something could be swollen, or tearing.. not sure.. I haven’t gotten any other symptoms, just cough, and stuffy/runny nose.
and can i take anything for that, that is safe for the baby and my medication//heart?

Answer by rickymateo
Baby u need to see your doctor because you and your baby lives may be in danger. What is wrong with you heart and is this your 1st pregnancy? Is the Metopro new?

baby coughing: Is blood & phlegm bad?

Baby has lots of Phlegm, Please Help!!?

Posted by admin on July 19, 2011

baby coughing

Baby has lots of Phlegm, Please Help!!?
My baby sister is going to be a year in two weeks and she recently got very sick with a cough. She has a lots of phlegm and keeps waking up gagging, choking, and vomiting. We tried giving her Saline drops in her nose, but she keeps screaming and crying and we can’t get her to get them in.

We already took her to the doctor, but he said he cannot give her any medicine, because she was recently sick and cannot take any more at this time.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

To Neva: No one, in our house smokes. It’s a very disgusting habit, and would never happen around our baby.

Answer by Abby B
just try to get her to spit out as much as she can..<3


Answer by Dagger_SA
Get a cool mist humidifier…about $ 30 or $ 40.

I have a severely retarded daughter with cerebral palsy. She doesn’t know how to blow her nose or clear her throat, so problems like you have are routine when she just has a cold or allegeries.

The cool mist humidifier really, really helps,.

Answer by Lilly P
if the doc will not take her take her to a dif doc. even if u trust him. NEVER think u should wait 4 it to clear up. if u hav to go to 10 doctors SO B IT. things with babies like that should not go unanswered. dont rest until she is healthy again. thats wat i would do

Answer by Kim
turn on the shower as HOT as you can get it, until the whole bathroom is steamy.
take her in there and sit somewhere in the bathroom with her [not in the shower] with the door closed.
all the steam should help loosen the mucus [phlegm] she has.

Answer by gena m
let the baby drink everything in your fridge

Answer by tata
at that age if it doesnt clear up soon you should insist her to be tested for pneomonia and rsv, if she has either she might need to be admitted to the hospitol..

Answer by kpizura
Steam will help loosen up the congestion (such as a steamy bathroom). She may also be filling up more while laying down flat. I have had this happen with my second son and had to spend the better part of the night holding him and letting him sleep on my while I sat on the couch. This seemed to work. It puts you in a difficult position and it won’t be a relaxing night for you, but it may help them get some sleep.

Answer by chronicxbebe
->Get her to drink some warm water with a tablespoon of honey before bed.
->Squeeze few drops of lemon juice into a glass of orange juice. This will provide more of Vitamin C to her body and will help with immunity.
->Try hot tea with honey and lemon added, though she’s a baby you should try warm.

There’s also a few other home remedies if you use Google. :)
Hope that helps and that she’ll get well soon! =)

Answer by Randi S
Try to convince your baby sister to blow her nose. Show her if you can and it may take several times before she gets it. If not, get one of those baby suction bulb (I forget what they call them) and try to suction out some of the mucas through her nose. The phlegm needs to get out somehow. In the meantime, don’t give her any milk or formula which can cause more mucas. Hope this works.

Answer by wezy53154
I strongly recommend a second opinion for your baby. Your doctor is not caring for her properly. To clear her airway you will need to use the small bulb syringe that they sent home from the hopital to clear her airway. Use a humidifier or shower to add moisture to the air. Add a touch of lavender if you have it as the aroma is soothing to babies. NEVER put any of the vicks products directly under the babies nose or mouth. You can put it on her chest and back. Push fluids for her to drink, however, not so much on the milk products as these can cause a build up of phelgm. Juice, water, and soup broth are all fine. When you make an appointment then them that it is urgent. Since it affects your daughters breathing, it is. If she were my baby I wouldn’t wait for an appointment. When she woke up at night I’d take her into the nearest emergency room and show them exactly what is occuring and see if the doctors there could find what your MD missed. Finally, if you do choose to wait. Be sure to have her tested for CF. She at the right age for it to come out and it is a simple test. I hope that your baby gets better soon and you all sleep through out the night with out worries.

baby coughing: Baby has lots of Phlegm, Please Help!!?

Why do I cough up phlegm every morning?

Posted by admin on July 3, 2011

baby cough

Why do I cough up phlegm every morning?
I had a baby 5 weeks ago and since then ive had a bad cough and have been coughing up phlegm at first i put it down to too much gas and air and epidural but its been 5 weeks now and im still coughing up phlegm mostly in morning what could it be? i had pneumonia last year ( upper respiratory infection) could it be this again?
have seen doc the other week had to cough some up into a bottle for testing it come back nothing wrong going back to docs on tuesday
have seen doc the other week had to cough some up into a bottle for testing it come back nothing wrong going back to docs on tuesday

Answer by vmaldia
see a doctor

baby cough: Why do I cough up phlegm every morning?

Wheezing in chest, coughing up phlegm, have asthma HELP?

Posted by admin on June 11, 2011

Wheezing in chest, coughing up phlegm, have asthma HELP?
OK so Ive been smoking weed about once a month for a year and have Asthma, but havent had any sort of attack since I was a baby, am now 18

So since about January this year I’ve been coughing up phlegm but I smoked up yesterday and am now wheezing when I cough and the back of my throat feels weird.

So how do I get the wheeziness and phlegm to go away?

I went to my doctor last week btw and she said it was just the weather and that it would pass and to wait another month :S


Answer by hoof hearted
Ignore the doctor – they know nothing.

Ask the cretins in here instead. Keep smoking. You’ve got asthma, smoking will do you lots of good.

Say ‘hello’ to Elvis when you see him.

Answer by bso
stop smoking first .especilly if you have asthma

baby coughing: Wheezing in chest, coughing up phlegm, have asthma HELP?

my 14m/o baby has cough and cold. the doctor gave her antibiotic and a med for the phlegm, and every time she?

Posted by admin on April 15, 2011

baby coughing

my 14m/o baby has cough and cold. the doctor gave her antibiotic and a med for the phlegm, and every time she?
takes the meds, after an hour or so, she vomits phlegm (is it good?). is there a home remedy for cough, cold and clogged nose (shes phlemmy too). we tried hot steam but she doesnt like it (she cried so hard taht she vomited again). the doctor said that i should not give her warm lemon juice bec it’ll make her cough more. the phlem is so sticky that when she vomit she almost couldnt breathe. she has been taking the meds for 2 days now and i dont know if it actually works or not. she also has slight fever. im trying not to worry and observe if the meds r working but im freaking out when she vomits and seems like sufocating with phlegm…any advice? or should i bring her to another doctor. Help!

Answer by SmartGuy LV
If she has been on the meds for 2 days and isn’t showing any signs of improvement, I would take her back to the doctor. If you do not really trust the doctor you went to, taker her to another one (but bring the meds the other doc gave you so the new one knows what she has been taking.)

Answer by Someone

Try this website, and it never hurts to get a second opinion, DRs are people to, and can over look important things.

Answer by george 2
if every time she throws up the gunk come out too then it sounds like the medicine is doing its job. one thing that you can do to help is lay the baby on your lap, on her stomach with the head down your legs. then cup your hands and lightly tap her on the back on both sides of her lungs. do it about 5 minutes at a time and do it when ever she sounds all gunked up. doing that helps loosen the gunk so she can cough it up naturally.

Answer by haircutter
Good morning! If the meds are staying down for at least 45 minutes then they’re getting into her system and should be working. Some time it takes 3-4 days for that gunk to really break loose. On the other hand, if you are scared, then by all means, take her to another doctor. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Good luck and I hope she feels better very soon!

Answer by Meg
I would avoid the hot steam. This can actually make it more difficult to breath. The little steam particles can cause bronchospasm (Kind of like an asthma attack) and make the breathing worse.

Try squirting saline up her nose to loosen up the phlegm.

Keep her hydrated, this will help with the vomiting and loosen up the phlegm.

And if you truly are afraid for her well being, there is no harm in going back to the doctor.

baby coughing: my 14m/o baby has cough and cold. the doctor gave her antibiotic and a med for the phlegm, and every time she?

Coughing with too much phlegm and abdominal pain?

Posted by admin on February 7, 2011

Coughing with too much phlegm and abdominal pain?
My 6 year old baby brother has been coughing with phlegm and tonight his stomach began to hurt while he was coughing.

My parents took him to the doctor. I am worried. What could it mean?

Answer by AngelaP
After prolonged coughing it is normal for the stomach to start hurting. I have asthma & occassionally have bronchitis & it produces a lot of phlegm. If I cough for too long it makes my stomach hurt. As long as they get to the source of the cough & resolve it… he should be fine. :)

baby coughing: Coughing with too much phlegm and abdominal pain?

I am 6 months pregnant, coughing with phlegm. Is it going to harm the baby?

Posted by admin on January 5, 2011

I am 6 months pregnant, coughing with phlegm. Is it going to harm the baby?
I took robitussin for few days,i stopped bec. I’m scared that it will be bad for the baby. What is the best medicine that i can take?

Answer by ~Brick~
List of meds I could take had Robitussin Plain on it… Check with your Dr and get a list of common needed meds while being pregnant. I would not take any more of anything unless you know that it is Dr approved. But I would imagine your baby is ok.

Answer by Aphrodite
well, they cant really say that anything is truly “safe” when you are pregnant.
if you are having green phlem then you should call your dr, as this could be an infection which would need to be treated with antibiotics. there are several antibiotics that are considered to be safe when you are pregnant.
i personally wouldnt take robitussin or anything else like that,
cough candies? things like that, its probably a crappy virus that you will have to wait out unfortunately. i would go in and see you dr though, just in case you have an infection, and see what they say.
good luck

Answer by cryptoxmit
Check this site out to help guide you through minor illnesses during your pregnancy ….

I think increasing water consumption can help liquefy the phlegm …

I hope you get to feeling better …

Answer by Dixie
check with your doctor before taking anything over the counter. Coughing won’t hurt the baby. It’s a little hard on you, though, with that growth in your tummy.

Answer by S R
Here are a few simple home remedies that will help to overcome cough. Suck a whole clove without chewing it to soothe a cough. Apples bring a great relief to a person with dry cough. Check out for more remedies and information.

baby coughing: I am 6 months pregnant, coughing with phlegm. Is it going to harm the baby?