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Friday, March 6, 2015

Do you know any home remedies to help stop the wheezing?

Posted by admin on January 23, 2012

baby cough

Do you know any home remedies to help stop the wheezing?
Baby is wheezing any advice for home remedies?

My son is 7 months old on saturday he developed a terrible cough and was wheezing we went to emergency and the doctor gave us an inhaler and said my be he has baby asthma, yesterday I saw our GP and she told me my son has bronchitis not asthma and she gave him some saline solution for the nose and told in one week he would get better, at the moment he seems to be well playing and so but he is wheezing and breathing rapidly, I have used inhalation ointment but it does not help very much do you know any home remedies to stop wheezing?

Answer by sherry s
from experience drs. do not want to diagnose asthma until a baby is 1 yr. old. from the sounds of it he just may be an asthmatic. get a humidifier and keep it in his room at night. keep it in the area to in the daytime when he is playing. keep using the inhaler as it will break up all the congestion in his lungs. whether he has asthma or not right now lay him over your lap and gently pat his back from the bottom up. this will help move the mucus up so he can cough it up. do this several time a day. make sure he is drinking alot of fluids. water and weak tea with sugar in it will keep the mucus thinned out. if he seems to be having a really hard time breathing get him back into the dr. i have dealt with asthma for 35 years with my kids and grandkids so i know how scary it can be. just watch him and if your unsure call his dr.!!

Answer by belgianlady
Personnaly I am not for home remedies to stop wheezing. I am a nurse who worked 28 years in a deparment of lungdiseases. But I respect the way you want to do your treatment. So you will find a medical way treatment and home remedies

To determine the cause of your wheezing, your doctor will ask you questions to determine your symptoms and what leads to them. For example, if you have no history of lung disease and you always wheeze after eating a certain food or at a certain time of year, your doctor may suspect that you have a food or respiratory allergy.

Your doctor will listen to your lungs with a stethoscope to hear where the wheezing is and how much wheezing you have.

If this is the first time you’ve been evaluated, your doctor will probably ask you to perform a breathing test (spirometry) and may also order a chest X-ray.

Other blood tests and procedures may be necessary depending on what your doctor learns from talking with you and examining you.

If it seems like you have allergies that may be related to your wheezing, there are a variety of other tests your doctor may use to verify allergies, including skin testing or blood tests (an eosinophil count or IgE levels).

What Are the Treatments for Wheezing?
First off, you must see a doctor to determine the cause of your wheezing and then receive treatment for the specific cause.

If your wheezing is caused by asthma, your doctor may recommend some or all of the following to reduce inflammation and open the airways:

A fast-acting bronchodilator inhaler (to dilate constricted airways when you have respiratory symptoms)
An inhaled corticosteroid
A long acting bronchodilator
An asthma controller pill to reduce airway inflammation
A non-sedating antihistamine pill (such as loratadine), or a prescription nasal spray if you have nasal allergies
If you have acute bronchitis, your doctor may recommend some or all of the following:

A bronchodilator (such as albuterol or salbutamol) to help ease the wheezing as the infection clears
An antibiotic if you have an underlying lung problem
Generally, any mild wheezing that accompanies acute bronchitis disappears when the infection does.

Natural Home Remedies for Asthma

Although there are many medical ways to help asthma sufferers breathe easier, experts recommend combining certain natural home remedies with prescription anti-inflammatories and bronchodilators. Here are some helpful remedies right from the kitchen.

Home Remedies From the Cupboard

Coffee. The caffeine in regular coffee can help prevent and control asthma attacks. Researchers have found that regular coffee drinkers have one-third fewer asthma symptoms than those who don’t drink the hot stuff. The reason? Caffeine has bronchodilating effects. In fact, caffeine was one of the main anti-asthmatic drugs during the nineteenth century. Don’t load up on java, though — three cups a day will provide the maximum benefit — and don’t give coffee to children with asthma.

Onions. Onions are loaded with anti-inflammatory properties. Studies have shown that these properties can reduce the constriction of the airways in an asthma attack. Raw onions are generally too irritating, but eating cooked onions may help to lessen asthma attacks.

Home Remedies From the Drawer

Cheesecloth. Put a fine cheesecloth over each room’s heat outlet. This homemade dust filter can help by catching dust, animal dander, and pollen before it’s recirculated into the air. Stick-on commercial filters are also available. And don’t forget the number one most effective home aid — scrupulous cleaning. It’s not easy, but being a bit obsessive about keeping a clean house goes a long way toward helping to alleviate asthma symptoms.

Home Remedies From the Refrigerator

Chili peppers. Hot foods such as chili peppers open up airways. Experts believe this happens because peppers stimulate fluids in the mouth, throat, and lungs. The increase in fluids thins out the mucus formed during an asthma attack so it can be coughed up, making breathing easier. Capsaicin, the stuff that makes hot peppers hot, acts as an anti-inflammatory when eaten.

Eating hot foods like chili peppers may help you breathe easier.

Orange juice. Vitamin C is the main antioxidant in the lining of the bronchi and bronchioles. Research discovered that people with asthma had low levels of vitamin C; eating foods that had at least 300 mg of vitamin C a day — equivalent to about three glasses of orange juice — cut wheezing by 30 percent. Other foods high in vitamin C include red bell pepper, papaya, broccoli, blueberries, and strawberries.

Salmon. Fatty fish such as sardines, salmon, mackerel, and tuna contain omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids seem to help the lungs react better to irritants in people who have asthma and may even help prevent asthma in people who have never had an attack. Studies have found that kids who eat fish more than once a week have one-third the risk of getting asthma, as compared to children who don’t eat fish. And researchers discovered that people who took fish oil supplements, equivalent to eating 8 ounces of mackerel a day, increased their body’s ability to avoid a severe asthma attack by 50 percent.

Yogurt. Vitamin B12 can alleviate the symptoms of asthma, and it seems to be even more effective in asthma sufferers who are sensitive to sulfite. Studies have found that taking 1 to 4 micrograms (mcg) works best as protection against asthma attacks. The current RDA for vitamin B12 is 2.4 mcg for adults. One cup of yogurt has 1.4 mcg of the lung-loving vitamin.

Home Remedies From the Spice Rack

Peppermint extract. This is a folk remedy for a homemade vaporizer: Put 1 quart nonchlorinated water in a stainless steel, glass, or enamel pan, and put it on the stove. Add 10 drops peppermint extract or peppermint oil, and bring to a boil. Let it simmer for about 1 hour, until all the water is gone. The volatile oil will saturate the room air.

Home Remedies Do’s and Don’ts

Don’t overload your salt intake. Salt tends to make the airways more sensitive to triggers.

Do consider a high-quality vegan diet. Getting rid of animal products in the diet helps asthma by eliminating many food allergens (cow’s milk, for example). Remember, though, that vegan diets can be deficient in protein and B12, which can be especially risky for kids and pregnant or lactating women. You might consider seeking the help of a nutritionist or dietician to help you plan a vegan diet

Answer by sue
Use the aromatic ointment on the soles of his feet! I know that sounds silly, but it really does work better than rubbing his chest with it. Rub it on and put socks on him. At night also put it on his palms and put socks or mittens on him so he doesn’t rub his eyes.

Why this works better I have no idea, but it is what my dad did to us, I did to my children, and have suggested to them to do to theirs. It does work!

Also use the saline solution for his nose! And maybe get a vaporizor and tent his bed? Some can get better with this and some can get worse. Depends on which way their allergies go! Some children are allergic to the moisture and some to the dry air.

Doctors are getting to where they are not admitting even after testing for allergies that anyone has asthma. And children cannot be allergy tested until after their first year. So no diagnosis of asthma.

baby cough: Do you know any home remedies to help stop the wheezing?

Does anyone know any holistic/natural remedies for a collapsing Trachea in a 15 year old Pomeranian?

Posted by admin on January 18, 2012

Does anyone know any holistic/natural remedies for a collapsing Trachea in a 15 year old Pomeranian?
My baby has a collapsing trachea and I was just wondering if anyone had any holistic or wellness suggestions to help ease the coughing and help it heal. She’s on omega’s, probiotics, natures choice and evo food, a multi, chondroitin and glucosomine—just curious if anyone else has had luck with easing the symptoms. She wheezes only when she gets excited and has no real trouble breathing when she’s calm and relaxed, just after drinking too much or getting excited. thank you!

Answer by SkepDoc 3.0
It’s a fairly common problem in small dogs, my Yorkie gets it too when overexcited.
There are few good treatments for it, “holistic” or otherwise. Surgery is one (drastic) option. It is an anatomical problem that cannot be fixed by supplements or diet.

Answer by Ryoden
From what I have read there is no holistic remedy for this condition, it is usually treated with weight loss, management of any concurrent lung disease, and possibly anti-inflammatory, cough suppressant and bronchial medication.
Despite medication some dogs progress to become surgical candidates.

I am sure that you already have consulted a vet but in case you haven’t I would advise that you do.

baby coughing: Does anyone know any holistic/natural remedies for a collapsing Trachea in a 15 year old Pomeranian?

old home remedies for a bad chest cold ?

Posted by admin on August 25, 2011

old home remedies for a bad chest cold ?
do any one know any old home remedies for a bad chest cold im coughing up mucus but its only coming up a lil bit at a time and my chest hurts”
also i just had a baby

Answer by Jhoney E
oh.. u had a baby…well i was going to say sleep for 2 days straight. thats what i do sleep drink water eat, in that order and when your not doing those things sleep.

Answer by indian_cowboy
This is the best. Try this herbal coffee.

Avoid cool & fridge stored food items
Take warm water during whole day which should be boiled with dry ginger powder
Make some laddus of jagery mixed with ginger powder N little bit turmeric powder
Before going to bed take half to full glass of hot milk (without cream) mixed with little turmeric powder & some gagery

Answer by ☆ ι ♥ ιƝκ ☆
2tbs organic apple cider vinegar in 8 oz water
sip it. tastes nasty but its amazing

baby coughing: old home remedies for a bad chest cold ?

what are other natural remedies for colds and coughs for children?

Posted by admin on August 11, 2011

baby coughing

what are other natural remedies for colds and coughs for children?
my children aged one and a half and 8 months old are having a month of on and off colds ,lately they had coughs. they dont want to take even flavoured syrups for both ailments by throwing up. im afraid to give citrus fruits coz one child book suggests that if a family has a history of asthma and skin allergy ( which we have) theisr babies are apt to be allergic to oranges and lemons too.Is vicks vaporub good for this tiny tots? what should I do?

Answer by greenrosemama
honey and tahini are miraculous for the throat

Answer by Linda B
Vicks is fine for kids. I used to use a vapouriser when my kids had chesty coughs too to humidify the air in their bedrooms while they slept. You may have to elevate the head end of the bed too (watch the little one doesn’t get stuck down the end during the night though – could be dangerous). Vitamin C is available in many forms for kids – ask at the health food store and to prevent reoccurence in the future a kids dose of echinacea and a good chiroprator go a long way!

Answer by siobhan
They really both need to build up their immature immune systems. Keep off dairy products, if you aren’t already, as this really aggravates colds and bronchial conditions such as asthma. I would ask your doctor for multivitamin recommendations – they’re so small, you need professional advice.
Vicks vaporub would be excellent in an atomiser especially at bedtime, not so sure about it as a rub, as its very powerful. Hope they feel better soon.

Answer by cindy H
When my daughter was an infant she had chronic ear infections. Her doctor said to give her vitamins A, E, C, Zinc and acidophiles. You can get these in liquid form, as your pharmacist. if you go to a good one and they don’t have it, they can find it for you. Get it as natural as you can. I gave it to her for month or so and she stopped getting sick.

Answer by Keko
While it is not a remedy and is not officially approved giving the kids probiotics (if there is a way to get them to take them) is a good idea because it builds their immune system – garlic and onion in the diet as well.

baby coughing: what are other natural remedies for colds and coughs for children?

Baby cold and flu remedies?

Posted by admin on July 26, 2011

baby coughing

Baby cold and flu remedies?
My little girl is 7 weeks old, she has had alot of trouble sleeping and has been crying alot. I thought she might be colic but all night i noticed that she has sounded stuffed up and has been coughing but only a little bit. I am very over protective and so im kind of scared to use too many medicines. Does anyone know any home remedies that could help me? Please help, i dont mind staying up all night so that she is ok but i want her to get some sleep herself, shes worrying me.

Also, she was born 2 months early, shes a week away from her due date still. She had no health problems ever but was born early due to the fact that i have some health issues and my body couldnt take it.

Please help, im worried.

Answer by green chik
The most important thing right now is to determine if she’s got a fever. If she does, I’d call the doctor, even if its the middle of the night to make sure you shouldn’t go to the hospital. Although its likely nothing big, if it happened to be something bigger, it may be easily controlled if you get medical attention early,

If she has no fever, you still should not give her any home remedies. She is too young for any OTC, herbs, vitamins (even vitamin C), aspirin, even homeopathic remedies would not be recommended for that age (until 4-6 months). If she were close in age and was not premature, you might be able to get away with it, but she’s way too young.

I suggest you don’t take anyone’s suggestions to your question, except those of a doctor (and I don’t often say that!).

Make sure to use one of those little nostril-squeezy things for babies if she’s really stuffed up. They’re blue, rubber bulbs that you can use to squeegy out her airways. You can get one at a pharmacy, and ask the pharmacist about the baby medicines while you’re at it, but they are also not doctors, I think they will agree with my advice to get a doctor.

Good luck to you and you’re precious little pumpkin, its probably just a cold, but she may need help with even that…fingers crossed. :)

Answer by G&M
Most cold and flu meds have been pulled off the market due to overdose. It’s not good to give a baby anything at 7 weeks old without the direction of her pediatrician. First if you have a nurse line, call them to see what they suggest. If not, watch her breathing and the minute she starts to struggle or gets blue around her mouth, she needs to be seen in the ER immediately. Cool mist humidifiers are really good too but she may be a bit young for that. If you are really concerned, call her doctor now. Most pediatricians have someone on call 24/7. It’s ok to be ‘paranoid’ and worried, you’re her mom and it’s your job to protect her. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Answer by NicoleRadlauer
Definitely don’t give her any over the counter medications. You may want to try a pediacare Gentle Vapors plug in, they worked very well for my son. We also used (Vicks) baby rub but I’m not sure how early you can start using that. The humidifier was also a big help. If she doesn’t improve very soon I would take her to the pediatrician.
I hope your baby girl gets better soon!

baby coughing: Baby cold and flu remedies?

what are some at home remedies for a two yr old and an 8 month old with a cold?

Posted by admin on June 30, 2011

baby coughing

what are some at home remedies for a two yr old and an 8 month old with a cold?
my 2 yr old and my 8 month old are both coughing and have a runny nose. i dont want to take them to the doctor right away because of all the other sick kids there. also the baby had bronchitis a little more than a month or so ago. i still have some breathing treatments for her but dont know if i should give them or wait to hear from the doc. i used all of the required treatments last time but still had some left over.

Answer by detroitkid17
Put some Vicks Vapor Rub, on their chests and on their backs before bed. Also, give them some dimetap. Thats what my mom always did, and we’d feel better. When our coughing got bad, she’d turn the shower on really hot, and steam up the bathroom and make us sit in there.

Answer by Jazzymay
why dont you give them both nurofen medicine you can buy it at any chemist and it is from 3 months old to 12 years, I give it to all 3 of my girls when they are poorly its fast acting and really is good stuff they even use it in hospitals. You could also try steaming them to clear the airways. If after a few days you see no improvement in them then take them to the doctor ! Good luck and make sure you try and get some rest yourself!

baby coughing: what are some at home remedies for a two yr old and an 8 month old with a cold?

Kennel Cough? Natural Soothing Remedies?

Posted by admin on June 26, 2011

Kennel Cough? Natural Soothing Remedies?
I just adopted a puppy from the shelter. She was doing great except this cough that is just getting worst. We’re going to take her to the vet tomorrow to have it checked out because I think it is kennel cough- although- she is vomiting up nothing, just as if she thinks vomitting might help her little throat. All of that aside, until or during treatment I would like some natural ways to soothe the throat irritation. I read you can use honey (which I don’t have on hand) and was wondering if any of you had good ideas? If so, please include a link or dosages for a 4 month old puppy and I will look into it. Thank you! I hate seeing this poor baby suffer so. She’s finally sleeping and not coughing at the moment.
Thank you The Mom. I will ask the vet about that today. =)

Answer by mdjmatty
well my friend has a puppy who had kennel cough and it was bad,i suggest you take it to the vets as they will give you more information then any of us can

Answer by The mom
I can’t think of anything “all natural” that would be of use. Many of the herbal preps can have serious repercussions for our canine companions. I can tell you that you can use something like Robitussin or Formula 44 cough syrup. The dosage would depend on the weight of your puppy, though. It is: 0.25-1 mg/pound by mouth every 8 hours. Just be sure whatever you use does not contain alcohol, which is dangerous for dogs. Just be sure you get a syrup for children, which will let you get the proper dosage. Kennel cough can be either viral or bacterial in cause, and the vet may or may not give you an antibiotic to use. In the meantime, keep her away from all other animals, as it can be highly contagious. Not to humans, though, fortunately. Aside from a child’s cough syrup, there isn’t anything else you can use.

Answer by Part Time Cynic
Hi, not sure on dogs but essential oil of Benzoin does wonders for human lungs.
My mother’s dog gets a kennel cough when he gets too excited or over-stressed. Sometimes it helps to massage her.
But definitly look into essential oil of benzoin. I’ve added a link:

baby cough: Kennel Cough? Natural Soothing Remedies?

i have a sore throat/cough. my sister is having her baby tuesday and i CANNOT be sick. any in 3 day remedies?

Posted by admin on June 24, 2011

i have a sore throat/cough. my sister is having her baby tuesday and i CANNOT be sick. any in 3 day remedies?

Answer by lashes006_md
if you are not taking a multivitamin, start one. taking Vitamin C and Zinc helps strengthen your immune system. the reason i recommend a multivitamin is because there are certain levels of vitamins in those. too much Vitamin C can lead to kidney stones and diarrhea, and a multivitamin is just one tablet.

warm peppermint tea can also help soothe a sore throat. gargling with warm salt water can help too, and you do not have to swallow it.

baby coughing: i have a sore throat/cough. my sister is having her baby tuesday and i CANNOT be sick. any in 3 day remedies?

I lost my voice due to being sick anyone know any remedies?

Posted by admin on June 21, 2011

I lost my voice due to being sick anyone know any remedies?
Not only do I have a cold but I am pregnant as well. So I need something that is going to be safe for me and the baby. I have been drinking hot tea with honey but that doesn’t seem to do the trick. I have also been taking halls with vitamin c and Robitussin for the cough (all approved through my obgyn) Does anyone know any other remedies?

Answer by dev
drink lots of hot tea!!

Answer by Veiled Prophet
Drink lots of water and various teas.and soups and broths, also try gargling Listerine every night (making sure you don’t swallow any, of course.)

Answer by toodd
chew licorice bark.

baby cough: I lost my voice due to being sick anyone know any remedies?

My baby has a terrible cold/bronchiolitis??? Any natural remedies?

Posted by admin on June 16, 2011

My baby has a terrible cold/bronchiolitis??? Any natural remedies?
My poor baby has been battling a terrible cold/bronchiolitis for 4 weeks now. She has also been on a nebulizer this whole time. We’ve been using a cool mist humidifier as well. She seemed to be getting better last week, her dr said she sounded clear and said to only give her the neb when she is coughing a lot. So anyway on Friday she was running a temp of 102 so I took her to urgent care and they put her on an antibiotic. When I went to the pharmacy there were several other people there from urgent care and they were all getting the same antibiotic, my husband made a comment about them probably giving that to everybody and the pharamicst said yeah they’ve been filling prescriptions for that all day. That worries me because if it’s not bacterial there’s no point in taking the anitibiotic (not to mention they didn’t test her to see if it was viral or bacterial?!). Her immune system could become immune, then when she really needs the anitibiotic it might now work. So the whole point of this long winded story is that I want to take matters into my own hands, I need some natural remedies and some advice. Thanks!
I’m going to keep her on the antibiotic, I just want to help get the mucous out of her chest.
Listen up Gem! If you read my addtional details you would know that I have no intention of taking my daughter of the antibiotic. I post this same question in the parenting section and got a lot of useful suggestions such as sitting with her in a steamy bathroom. That’s the kind of remedies I was looking for. Maybe I should have clarified better, but you have no right to talk to anyone that way, especially a parent trying to help their child! So get off your high horse and shove it!!

Answer by sunflowers
Babies are very tender and I would not mess around with trying to play doctor with them. Best to leave them to a doctor’s care and advice…..

Answer by Gem
Listen up here . You are not god, and god forbid your child dies. YOU KEEP DOING AND GIVING EXACTLY WHAT THE DOCTOR TOLD YOU TO DO. Dont you dare stop a thing or a med without consulting with the baby’s doctor. I dont care what you hear or think or read, you can question anything you want, but dont you stop giving that baby a damn thing! A child under 3 yrs. of age needs medicine and they do not become immuned to it unless YOU abuse it. Only a doctor can tell you that. No matter what you may think. Natural remedies are dangerous for little ones.!

Answer by susie
well, first of all..a fever is good.

It is the body’s way of fighting infections. For every degree your temperature rises, your immune system doubles in the cells like macrophages, killer t cells etc to better fight the bad guys.

So at 99.6 your immune cells are doubled at 100.6 there are going 4 times harder than normal at 101.2 they are going 8 times harder and at 102.6 which she is at her immune system is going 16 times harder so do nothing to try to stop the fever unless it is in the 104 or 105 range.

You are right that antibiotics do nothing for a viral infection only a bacterial one

These herbs are useful for viral, bacterial, fungal and protozoan infections: raw garlic, organic olive leaf tincture, grapefruit seed extract, colloidal silver.

Of these I would think colloidal silver or olive leaf extract or maybe the grapefruit seed extract would be permissible in an infant sized dose which I will discuss below.

If you are breastfeeding really up the garlic in your own diet to help her

When you take her to a steamy bathroom, add eucalyptus essential oil by occasionally sprinkling it in the shower. Give her warm lemon and honey water and lots of fluids by sure they are healthy things like fresh orange juice or homemade in the juicer juices.

There is a supertonic sold at which is said to be the cure for the common cold which you could try using clark’s rule for the right dose. Give her lemon balm tea for stress in her bottle or sippy cup.

You might consider an herbal expectorant which makes you cough more and helps get the phlegm up..again using a safe baby dose counted in drops. go here and read what expectorants do and it also says a demolient herbs might be added

here is a list of expectorant herbs

of these maybe I might try fenugreek (a common kitchen herb), parsley, plaintain, wild cherry, fennel. I would not use licorice or ephedra certainly.

Make a tea from these using bulk organic herbs if possible and distilled water (it is empty and extracts more of the potent chemicals that help)..I might make a weak tea just give her maybe a 1/8th or 1/6th of a cup (depends on her weight see Clark’s rule if the baby dose is 1/10th for instance give 1/10th of a cup which is standard adult dose I’d say) or better yet make a tincture and count the drops to the baby dose..

here are the demulent herbs

maybe try mullein, slippery elm, flax seed tea or check for any cautions on the herbs by googling them

if you keep her on the antibiotic when done give her (if she is on milk acidophilus milk or yogurt to help replenish the intestinal tract of healthy bacteria which the antibiotic kills)

check out the supertonic at by clicking on my products and then looking for the supertonic..test it first and do not exceed the baby dose…usually you take them 5 times a day in the right number of drops.

I commend you for seeking alternative health for your daughter..all through history people used herbs and natural treatments and home remedies for their children.

Gem is completely wrong…Dr Christopher worked with people including children and babies for many decades and only to their good and using herbs and foods.

here is a start..generally use teas or tincture made from organic or wildcrafted bulk herbs and use clark’s rule below for dosing for an infant using the babies weight

you might also consider buying some of his books here

here is clark’s rule for dosing to find what your infant dose is..

The average dose for a 150 pound adult is 60 drops of tincture (liquid extract like herbpharm brand) 3-5 times a day. So if your baby weighs 10 pounds you would give 10/150 which reducing the fraction is 1/15 so 1/15th of 60 drops is 4 drops 3-5 times a day.

If the baby weighs 15 pounds it is 15/150 which reduced is 1/10th so 1/10 of 60 drops is 6 drops or if the child weighs 25 it is 25/150 or reduced fraction is 1/6th or 60 divided by 6 or 10 drops.

here is more on the rule

also see this for phlegm and bronchitis

Cayenne is very effective for cutting the phlegm, as are fruit juices such as grapefruit, lemon, orange, or pineapple. Chickweed, comfrey, marshmallow or mullein are the greatest cleansers to get the mucus out of the body. One can relax the throat, stomach, and bronchi rapidly with a very small amount of lobelia. Other useful aids for relief are a hot vapor or steam bath followed by a cold shower or sponging; also hot fomentation of pleurisy root or mullein (with lobelia in it) on the chest and spine.

I would not use the cayenne for an infant or even lobelia personally..try those juices though use fresh not canned if you can and only 100% might try the fomentations go to that gaines link to see what it is but it is basically dipping a cloth in the hot or in this case warm tea and wringing out and placing on the chest. Be careful baby does not get chilled.

baby coughing: My baby has a terrible cold/bronchiolitis??? Any natural remedies?