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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Can I give my toddler a homeopathic cought syrup after otc one?

Posted by admin on March 25, 2011

Can I give my toddler a homeopathic cought syrup after otc one?
Question for anyone who knows… my son (2 years old) has a bad cold (in his chest). The doc told me to give him delsym (12-hour), which I did at 11:15 AM today. It hasn’t helped at all. I just bought some homeopathic cough syrup (Children’s Chestal Honey from Boiron). Can I give it to him now, or do I have to wait until 11:15 tonight? (He’s had nothing else in terms of meds.)

Answer by Dr Frank
Firstly no homeopathic remedies have any effect on anyone with any condition, above and beyond that of placebo. Secondly, it would be a truism to say that there is no such thing as a useful cough mixture either.

If this is a one off cough, with no wheeze or breathlessness, give plenty of fluids and treat fever or discomfort with paracetamol. If your son is wheezy or breathless, and especially if this is a recurrent problem, it may be asthma and you should seek medical advice.

Answer by the_seos
Ok…i’m no doctor but in the interest of fairness i’d like to just mention that although i’ve been quite sceptical in the past about some holistic approaches to medicine, i have experienced hay-fever relief from certain homoeopathic remedies.

However, Dr Frank is kinda justified in saying that homoeopathy cannot cure anyone ‘with’ any condition as homoeopathy is best used well in advance to build the body’s immune system.

A combination of herbal medicine and dietary considerations/alterations on the other hand can be much more fast acting to treat an ongoing issue such as suspected asthma. As children, both me and my brother were diagnosed my ‘mainstream’ medical doctors to have Bronchitis and Asthma (respectively) and mainstream medicine did nothing to treat either of us. Finally a local herbalist recommended that we go off dairy products and prescribed his own specially made concoction(s). To the best of my memory both of us were fully cured within about 6months.

To answer your question though, from my years of casual learning about holistic therapies i can advise that homoeopathic medicine is certainly not something that one should worry about overdosing on or using in conjunction with ‘mainstream’ medicine, however, any potential benefits of homoeopathic medicines can be nullified by strong acting products like mainstream medicine, alcohol, and coffee, (and even strong flavoured products like garlic and mint), so it’s probably pointless to give homoeopathic medicine while the Delsym is still in his system….but hey…i’m not a herbalist…nor do i practise homoeopathy so if you want to pursue this line of thinking i’d suggest consulting a relevant professional

(N.B i am not trying to discredit anything Dr Frank has said in relation to finding the appropriate medicine for your son…with short-term coughs i’ve always found a steady course of paracetamol and plenty of sleep to be the fastest cure!!!)

Answer by Mantra
Homeopathic remedies do not work against allopathic ones. It is safe to take the two in combination. As homeopathy works on the patients own vitality and not on a disease.

Toddler Cough: Can I give my toddler a homeopathic cought syrup after otc one?

i think my toddler has a cold?

Posted by admin on March 24, 2011

i think my toddler has a cold?
maybe it’s not a cold. no fever or cough but he keeps sneezing and he has lots and lots of mucus. it’s clear so that’s good. but we’ve been doing the same things and hanging out in the same places. the only thing that’s changed is the temperature so i’m assuming it’s a cold.

what do you think? and what can i do to help him? he won’t let me get anywhere near him with those nose squeegees and i wipe after he sneezes but i’m afraid his nose will get raw soon.

he’s still eating and drinking the same (not lots of water because he’s picky but plenty of 100% juice with their antioxidants and vitamin c) so that’s good too.


Answer by dasher
every child gets a cold.

yes. his nose will get raw soon, so it is a good idea to dab on some lotion or Vaseline.

if he is congested, put some vapor rub on his chest when he goes to bed.

call his dr and ask his advice if you have more questions

Toddler Cough: i think my toddler has a cold?

Swine Flu – Toddler Daycare and Party?

Posted by admin on March 23, 2011

Swine Flu – Toddler Daycare and Party?
I live in San Antonio, Tx and I have a 13 molnth old son. He was enrolled in daycare last month and I swear each week since he’s been there he has been sick. One week it was a cold, the next week it was pink eye, the week after it was another cold…. He has had a cold/cough for about 4 weeks already. Before he was enrolled he was home with me and was never sick. Seriously. So, I know that being around all those kids is what is making him sick.

He has seen the doctor and she told me it was something that he needed to get through to build his immune system. There are no medications to help him out since he is still young.

My question is should I take him out of daycare right now because of the swine flu scare. I currently go to school, so this of course is going to set me back if I have to take care of him during the day. Also, finals are going on so it’s even more complicated.

Also, he has a party coming up this weekend at Chuck E. Cheese…..should I cancel it because of the crowds?

All of this is so overwhelming……

What should I do?

Answer by Married
I wouldn’t cancel chucky cheese just wash his hand s repeatitly. I would however take him out of day care and put him in a private setting where there isn’t as many kids. Day cares try to keep all the kids clean but it gets hard after having 20 + kids there so if there were a place you can take him were there were less kids it may help.

Answer by darthdesolus
Take him out of the daycare untill this thing passes did you hear on the news about the toddler that died in texas bucase of swine flu take him out now and if he gets sick take him to the doctor immedialty Oh and if you believe in God now is the time to pray and about chucke cheese don’t let anyone sneeze on him. MOSTLY PRAY AND ASK GOD

Answer by Amelia USofA
Sorry but seriously in terms of a childs health and wellbeing praying and asking god is not the best advice.

Your son NEEDS daycare to ‘build up his immune system. He may seem ill all the time at the moment, but he needs that to be prepared for school.

As for the child dying in Texas, it was terrible but the child was a mexican with the virus, who travelled to Texas for treatment. As opposed to an American child who caught the disease in Texas.. its totally different.

My advice is : Be vigilent encourage you son to wash his hands more frequent, and cover his mouth when sneezing etc. But mainly let him be a kid – get the coughs and colds – then his body will become stronger and able to fight such things in the future

If the symptons get flu like then , yes withdraw him from day care and consult his doctor, otherwise dont over worry :D

Hope he enjoys his party!!! =D

Answer by Ashley A

Toddler Cough: Swine Flu – Toddler Daycare and Party?

Allergies or something else in toddler?

Posted by admin on

Toddler Cough

Allergies or something else in toddler?
My son Evan who is 2 is constantly sick and he has eczema. He always has a cough or a runny nose, He’s been put on a inhaler because he keeps getting repository issues. He’s had RSV, pneumonia, viruses, bacterial infections, he’s had it all. Seems like I am always taking him to the doctor. There are several doctors at his office and hes seen them all, well a couple times I hear he might have allergies, we got a referral to an allergist but can not get in until July, why so long. The doctor told us not to worry about trying to find another doctor because he seemed pretty stable right now, well in the past week he is getting worse, I notice Evan breaking out in hives, well not all over but in spots, coughing(more so dry),red itchy ooze eyes, green mucus nose, I know allergies run pretty bad in my family. I not sure if this could be allergies or something else but I just hate always running him to the doctor, he been there at least twice a month( original Visit then follow up) for something.
I was also told that is it common for children at his age and children that are at a daycare center to get sick a lot more often. I’m just worried, he always has something and the doctor is always throwing a medicine at him.
he had xray’s before and sweat chloride test to test for CF and blood work and the only thing was allergies to cats and dogs, but we do not have any pets, I do not beleive they tested him for anything else, but the doc wants him to see an allergist. I know my dad has bad eye allergies that his eyes get red and waterand my mom has bad nasal allergies and I think i might a a little of both. The doctor said it might be allery and asthma related becasue of his breathing patterns and one visit he was having dicreased oxygen but it went up after a albuteral/steriod treatment.

Answer by Tigger
Find another doctor: July is an awful long time off for a little boy who is suffering, and it’s pretty clear that this ‘doctor’ that told you not to find another one is more interested in your wallet than in your son’s health.

Meanwhile, try to figure out what he’s allergic to and get it out of his environment.

Good luck.

Answer by Marlene
I’m not a doctor but have raised 3 children and definitely know if mucus is green he needs to be on antibiotics. It really is not uncommon for children his age to be sick twice a month, although it seems like they are never well. None of his symptoms sound like allergies to me, all three of mine had asthma and allergies. I don’t want to alarm you but believe it or not I have heard of children swallowing little things that get lodged in the wind pipe and stay sick and on antibiotics constantly until it is discovered. Maybe X-rays? Best of luck and I hope I helped a little

Toddler Cough: Allergies or something else in toddler?

Toddler was bitten by deer tick, should he have displayed symptoms by now?

Posted by admin on March 22, 2011

Toddler Cough

Toddler was bitten by deer tick, should he have displayed symptoms by now?
My 2 year old was bitten by a deer tick in the nymph stage, (most likely stage to transmit Lyme’s Disease) almost two months ago. It couldn’t have been on him for more than 12-18 hours. I removed it very carefully and made sure that I didn’t leave the mouth in, the area around the bite was very slightly red and I treated it with rubbing alcohol and iodine. I watched for any of the symptoms for Lyme’s disease and there were none, no fever, no bull’s eye. The bite area stayed very slightly raised but flesh toned and is still like that now. It is the size of a tiny raised mole but not at all red or irritated.
Just today he got a low grade fever and is very fussy with a runny nose and cough. He seems a little out of it. I am pretty sure that he just caught a bug that has been going around but at the same time I want to make sure this could not be Lyme’s disease. Shouldn’t he have displayed some symptoms by now?
Please don’t tell me to just take him to the doctor as they will automatically put him on antibiotics to cover their butts and I don’t want him on that stuff unless there is a good chance of his having the disease.

Answer by Dekayel
Sometimes symptoms don’t show up for weeks or months after a tick bite. I think you have definite cause for concern. Also, Lyme isn’t the only thing you can get from a tick. Sometimes you can get several diseases at once, which makes diagnosis and treatment more difficult.

Good sources of info about Lyme disease:

Answer by Kate
Lyme disease usually makes itself known a few days to a month after the initial bite. Since it’s been two months, you could very likely be out of the woods on this. However, the fever is worrisome. The rashes don’t always appear in lyme cases (About 10-20% of cases never present with the bulls eye rash), so just because he hasn’t had that symptom doesn’t mean that he didn’t contract it.

Consider the consequences of untreated lyme disease: Meningitis, Bell’s palsy, peripheral numbness, cardiac problems– these could take months or years to show up after the initial infection. It might be worth it to stop by your doctor and pick up antibiotics just to be on the safe side (Though, if you do that, make sure you pick up some probiotics from your pharmacy so he doesn’t have side effects from the antibiotics.)

Another thing to consider is your location. Check these maps for the area around your home and the risk factor. If you live in an area with a very low instance rate, you can probably assume you’re safe.

I hope whatever has him under the weather now passes quickly!

Answer by S E
Not everyone that gets bitten by an infected deer tick gets the bulls-eye rash, see
Because the tests for Lyme disease are so unreliable and inaccurate, anyone who is bitten by a deer tick should have a course of antibiotics as soon as possible in order to maximize the chances of eradicating the Lyme bacteria before it develops into full blown Lyme disease in the body. Symptoms of Lyme disease may not show up for weeks, even months. It is only when the bacteria has colonized the body and some time has passed that tests for the disease may come back positive. At that point, it is very unlikely that a person will be able to completely get rid of it. Don’t take any chances! A couple of weeks on antibiotics is nothing compared to a lifetime of suffering from Lyme disease!

Toddler Cough: Toddler was bitten by deer tick, should he have displayed symptoms by now?

Toddler with fever for 3 days – Is this a normal duration for a fever?

Posted by admin on

Toddler with fever for 3 days – Is this a normal duration for a fever?
My son had a low grade fever Thursday night. He went to daycare Friday, as he didn’t have a fever in the morning. That afternoon he got sent home with a temp of 101. Saturday, he spiked at 103.5, I called the doc and was told as long as he is acting fine, and not dehydrated to just wait it out.
I just took his temp and it is 102.5. He isn’t really eating, but he is acting alright. He is drinking water and pedialite (refusing milk) so he is hydrated, which is my primary concern.
How long does a normal fever last? This has been 3 days now? Is that normal?

He is 1 yr old. Cold like symptoms – cough, runny nose, congestion. Do you think this is just a nasty cold and it needs to pass? If it is a virus, there is no need to see a doc anyway, which is why I’m so confused. I will be calling a nurse in the morning, just wanting some opinions, or maybe a mother who has had experience with this.

Answer by pelican
There are all kinds of reasons for a child to have a fever and most of those reasons aren’t serious. You might try to bring his fever down by giving him a bath in lukewarm to cool water – not cold, which might make him feel better. When my children were little, Dr. Spock was our bible, and according to him if the fever persisted for more than 5 days, or was over 105 degrees, it was time to see the doctor. So if this fever persists, I would contact the doctor again. These sites may help you with this. I hope your son is better soon.,1510,4304,00.html

Answer by A Sparks
I’m not a doctor, but have training in nursing school – just completed a BScN – but only did a small rotation in pediatrics over a year ago, so am definitely NOT an expert.

I would say that you’re doing the right thing.. keeping him hydrated, watching to see if there are changes in behavior, keeping an eye on the temperature. It’s good that you’re keeping in touch with the doctor and are going to call the nurse. Fever may indicate the presence of a serious illness, but usually is caused by common infections which are not serious. A virus or cold could cause a high fever (102-104F) that may last 3-5 days – according to research I’ve done.

I would definitely keep up with the plan to contact the doctor/nurse in the morning since the fever has persisted. They will surely be able to provide some more input towards what to do next. I would also recommend to trust your instincts, keep an eye out to see if the symptoms are worsening or if he is behaving differently. Warning signs to seek emergent care would include: (info from:

* You have serious concerns and are unable to contact your child’s doctor.
* You suspect your child is dehydrated.
* A seizure occurs.
* Your child has a purple or red rash.
* A change in consciousness occurs.
* Your child’s breathing is shallow, rapid, or difficult.
* Your child is younger than 2 months of age.
* Your child has a headache that will not go away.
* Your child continues to vomit.
* Your child has complex medical problems or takes prescription medications on a chronic basis (medications prescribed for more than two weeks’ duration).

Toddler Cough: Toddler with fever for 3 days – Is this a normal duration for a fever?

Antibiotic for toddler?

Posted by admin on March 19, 2011

Toddler Cough

Antibiotic for toddler?
My 3 yr old son had had throat infection with fever 3 weeks back and was on antibiotic (amoxicillin) for five days. Last monday again he is down with fever,sorethroat and cough with phlegm and doc prescribed him with another antibiotic (zinnat=cefuroxime axetil), but still after 3 days it didnt go away so we consulted another doctor who knows that we are reluctant to give antibiotic, he told to stop this antibiotic and he prescribed antihistamine cough syrup and told us to wait for it to go. However today is the 6th day and stil he is running a fever (38.2 deg C), we are planning to take him back to doc today, and sure that he will give us amoxicillin again. should we give him antibiotic or no……???? is it safe to give him tylenol for this straight 6 days??? i m a worried and confused mother…. please suggestion

PS. My son hates the taste of antibiotic and fights violently when given, and it often ends up being spat out oir vomited.
i took him to doc and he did give antibiotic, but didnt have to give him after all, his fever was gone completely after that… until now he is fine. thanks all

Answer by Sara V
If he has an actual diagnosed bacterial infection he should take the antibiotic as prescribed. If it’s a viral infection an antibiotic will not work. There are many flavoring methods available to make the test better, ask your pharmacist what you can do to make the test better since if he’s unwilling to take it (spits it out/vomits) it’s not getting ingested and not doing any good.

Answer by Dirty
Stay away from antibiotics!!!!!!!!!!!! They kill the good bacteria in your body. You want good bacteria because it helps your body’s immune system work. To get ride of an infection or virus you should use Colloidal Silver also known as Sovereign Silver or Silver Hydrosol. You can get it at any natural food store. It can be used topically or ingested. You can also put it in your eyes or your ears. It simply is silver in the same molecular structure as all of the fluids in your body. They have been using it since the 1700′s and in all lab studies done on it it kills all bacteria and viruses with in 10 minutes. And better yet it does not harm good bacteria for some reason!?! And it has no taste.Just make sure your son drinks lots of water while using it. Also don’t take it unless you are sick. After that go back to the natural food store and get some probiotics for your son to replace his healthy bacteria so he does not keep getting sick.

Toddler Cough: Antibiotic for toddler?

My toddler has a stinking cold, what can I give him?

Posted by admin on March 18, 2011

Toddler Cough

My toddler has a stinking cold, what can I give him?
My son has a runny nose, chesty cough and is off his food. The only thing he is is eating is strawberries! He has been drinking bottles of milk but I don’t think it is helping his mucus. I am going to try chicken noodle soup for dinner tonight but would like any other advice from Dr’s and parents. Can I give him any over the counter medications? I know that there was some controversy a year ago about giving children under 2 cough and cold meds, my child is almost 3. What is a safe and effective way to ease his discomfort?

Answer by Deminator90
I’m not a doctor but I thought I saw something while I was the pharmacy and it was a cold medicine for kids not heavy stuff light but it would help ease him. It was made just for kids but I think you should try a Doctor’s prescription first. And try the chicken noodle soup it always good.

Answer by LINDA R
Call your child’s pediatrician to find out what he/she recommends.

Answer by Sarah
Don’t give him cold meds! Try giving him a warm bath and put a humidifier in his room while he sleeps–that wille ase up the coughing. If you dont have a humidifier then turn on the shower all the way to hot and close the door…then come back in in a few minutes and let him sit in the bathroom with you (the steam will help).

Toddler Cough: My toddler has a stinking cold, what can I give him?

toddler with a low body temperature?

Posted by admin on March 17, 2011

Toddler Cough

toddler with a low body temperature?
my son has had a “virus” for a week now, it started with runny nose, coughing, chest congestion and a fever up to 102…last weekend his fever finally went away, but the cough and chest congestion are still pretty bad.

last night i noticed everytime he would fall asleep he was sweating a lot, it was all over my pillow but his head felt cool…i took his temperature (ear, and armpit) and both were reading 94-96 and it really scared me (i also tried the thermometers on myself and everytime they said i was normal temperature!) he was wearing long sleeve, pants pajamas and had a blanket on him also…i took him to the emergency room to be on the safe side and his temperature was back to normal when we got there, all they could say was my thermometers werent working probably, and they had no idea why he was sweating so much (really helpful) and that his lungs sounded clear and that he still had a virus…

anyways has this ever happened to anyone? it worries me that his temperature is so low, im wondering if it has to do with being sick for a week?

Answer by Matt
ERs and clinics work on a triage basis. They examine, treat and assess. If you don’t have something serious then they can’t help you.

go to your pediatrician and talk to them. Also, buy a new thermometer just to be safe.

Toddler Cough: toddler with a low body temperature?

Toddler with pneumonia?

Posted by admin on March 16, 2011

Toddler with pneumonia?
Last year at this time, my son who was then nearly 2 developed a dry cough which quickly became chesty with a fever. He was diagnosed with pneumonia after a chest x ray (shadow on left lung). It cleared up after agressive antibiotic treatment. Anyway this weekend, we just drove from KY to Florida, he seemed fine, bit of a dry cough which became wetter and again last night, I had to rush him to the ER when he woke shivering, fever, trouble breathing. He’s again got pneumonia. Is the any reason that you are aware of that would predispose him to it and should I expect more repeats? He does have allergies and asthma – just weird that it’s exactly a year since the last episode. So we are sat here in our condo, watching the ocean wondering why he seems to be having this problem again?
Should mention that he’s been on Zyrtec, Singular and via nebulizer Pulmacort and Xopenex daily plus albuterol inhaler for at least a year

Answer by indulekha
When I was a kid I had pneumonia many times. It is not unsual. I would make sure that they do not send him away from the hospital too soon because often it can just come back. Remember also that this is an allergy season and that means asthma will be worse during these months. And an asthma episode doesn’t have to take long to turn into a pneumonia. So for futher prevention whenever you start to see that your son has a cold you should start up the asthma medicines right away so that it doesn’t develop into a pneumonia. Wish you all the best.

Answer by Thursday
just bad lungs, maybe genes, maybe he developed bad allergies when he was a child (dirty household for instance or smokers)

Toddler Cough: Toddler with pneumonia?