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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Dose wheezing sound like fizzing soda ?

Posted by admin on May 8, 2011

Dose wheezing sound like fizzing soda ?
I’m so fed up with my sons peditrician..I think my toddler may have ashtma and it is like he dont care , and dont want to treat him for it…He says well i dont like to call it ashtma this early in life basically my son is going untreated if he dose have it…He only started having ashtmatic symptoms when he had a cold , or something , i have a albueral inhaler i only give him when he has colds , and is coughing and wheezing …I have heard a wheeze sounds like air being pinched out of a ballon , my sons has never sounded luike that , more of the lines of soda fizzing , a crackling burning wood noise , is that a wheeze ???? im changing peditricains soon…tonight in the car he was coughing then i heard that fizzing soda noise and he hasnt been sick , so i guess it is getting worse..this ped has ran NO test or have evn evaluated him for asthma..

Answer by belen
wheezing sounds like air trying to get through a small passageway. That’s basically what happens in asthma, the airways decreases in diameter causing the wheezing, and the difficulty in breathing. The crackling sound you here must be the phlegm. Mucus production also happens in asthma, although not all who has this means they already have asthma, this could happen in a simple case of cold.

do you or your husband have family history of asthma or allergies? when does you child’s symptoms appear? what are the symptoms? usually, asthma is triggered when there are changes in weather, smoke or any stong fume inhalation, strenous activity, a respiratory infection, etc.

Answer by bluenote
If you are listening very closely and you hear a crackling kind of sound, it could be due to atalectasis. That is the closure of the alvioli (air sacs) in your lungs. When you take a deep breath in, the air sacs pop back open, making this crackling kind of sound. The reason why these sacs are closed is most likely due to restricted airways which has decreased the amount of air that can reach the alvioli. The Albuterol inhaler you received helps to open the airway back up. When the alvioli do not get enough air, they start to colapse. So if you hear the crackling, your toddler still needs to be treated for his condition. I think you may want to get a second opinion very soon. Don’t make your son feel uncomfortable any longer than he has to. Good luck!

Toddler Cough: Dose wheezing sound like fizzing soda ?