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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Should I take 4 month old baby with RSV back to the doctor?

Posted by admin on March 7, 2011

baby coughing in sleep

Should I take 4 month old baby with RSV back to the doctor?
Okay. My 4 month old started cold-like symptoms on sunday (6 days ago). On monday I took him to the pediatrician, and they said by Wednesday it should lift or start getting better. His symptoms are as follows.. Heavy congestion (in nose) either running or blocked. No cough, but chest may sound flemy when I put my ear to it. no cough , no fever, taking bottles normally (with mild irritation due to nose congestion) and sleeping alittle lighter, but mostly sleeping a steady 7-8 hours a night.

When i called Wednesday to tell them symptoms are about the same but have not gotten worse, they said call back on thursday if still no change or worsens. Well , I didn’t call because, I seriously felt they would just send me home with a advisor of keeping a eye on him and making him comfortable, etc. I don’t need to go to the doc to be told that and billed for it.

Well its friday now..I have been doing frequent suctions on his nose ( snot is clear in color maybe at most a VERY light yellow, but mainly clear now) and im not sure if I should call the doctors because I just don’t see anything benefiting by going.

If hes taking a bottle, not running fever, no persistent cough…should i go ? There hasn’t been a change however in the nose congestion , and they told me when i called there should be. This is day 6 of RSV. I just don’t wanna have to go to after hours on the weekend i was wondering from moms with experience what i should do ?
Thanks everyone for your insight and help. I talked to pedi on phone and they said RSV is a 7-10 course. Due to the fact there is no cough, no fever, and liquids been going down okay. She said to follow up on monday. Thanks!

Answer by Hawiian Playboy!!!
take it to some that knows what he is doing…xDD

Answer by fritzsfrau
My son was born with RSV, but my doctors would not release him from the hospital till it subsided. My suggestion is take him to the ER and tell them you wish to talk with a Neonatal specialist about it. That is what my son had to have.

Answer by Texas Made
i would take him rsv is a bad virus and could be kids had it when they were son had to be hospitalized.To be on safe side you should take your baby because he’s still so young and his immune system is not as strong as ours.You really shouldn’t take any chances with this.I know it may be inconvenient but,part of parenting is making sure we do everything in our power to keep them safe..Good luck with baby. As far as the nose congestion you could make a saline mixture with salt and water. put a few drops in his nose it will make him sneeze to help rid the nasal congestion.Since he’s still too little to give meds.

Answer by sugar baby
Take him to another doctor, even if the means going through the ER at your local hospital. Do not mess around with RSV. When I was in high school there was a girl that did not know better (she was 15) and her baby dies from RSV pneumonia. I don’t know you or your baby, but please for the safety of your baby and your peace of mind take the little guy to someone else. If anything they can just give you a second opinion.

Answer by Nicki M
Regardless of whether or not he’s running a fever, etc… He could quite possibly choke on his phlegm, you don’t wanna risk it. Don’t let the doctors make you feel over protective and a paranoid mother either!

Answer by Kelsey
Was his snot actually tested for RSV or is this a diagnosis you are making up on your own? If you are just assuming that he has RSV, then don’t stress too much if his only symptom is snot. If he actually does have RSV, I would just go back to the doc. RSV is very serious virus. If you or I were to get it, (and I had it in adulthood) then we could fight it off as a bad cold. But babies have immature lungs (lungs aren’t at adult capacity until 7 years old), particularly if they are premature. The snot/phlegm can be aspirated and cause pneumonia. For some reason people seem to think pneumonia is no big deal… but it’s the 6th leading disease that people in the US die from, and in the top 5 for the elderly… serious stuff.
So my recommendation is that you take him to the doc so the doc can give his lungs a listen. The longer pneumonia goes untreated, the worse it’s going to get. If you go and the doc does nothing, then fine… you wasted a little time, but if the virus is more extensive than you think, then you may have just saved your kids life.
My story…. at 4 months old, my daughter came down with a bad cold. I took her to the doc and they said she’ll be fine. She was eating ok, no fever. So I went home. Later that night, it looked like she was having trouble breathing and she as coughing something terrible. It was after hours, so I took her to the ER where they did a chest x-ray and said she had pneumonia and sent us home with antibiotics. Even later that night, it was clear that she was in respiratory distress, so I took her to the ER once again where they gave me the option of admitting her to the children’s hospital or going home with a nebulizer. I chose to admit her, and was SO glad I did. Her pulse Ox (measures the amount of O2 in your blood stream, and therefore how well your lungs are working) dipped down to 87% normal is 96-100% She was on albuterol ever two hours, steroids and antibiotics. While at the hospital, she was tested for RSV and it came back positive. She was hospitalized for 4 days. Thank god she was fine, but while it was happening it was horrible. So, if it really is RSV it definitely needs to be followed up by a doctor. Even if you THINK it’s pointless, it may not be.

Answer by Purple Roses
I agree with the others who answered your question. Take this child to the ER or get another doctor for this baby. Why are you waiting? I don’t understand this at all.

baby coughing in sleep: Should I take 4 month old baby with RSV back to the doctor?