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Friday, March 27, 2015

Antibiotic for toddler?

Posted by admin on March 19, 2011

Toddler Cough

Antibiotic for toddler?
My 3 yr old son had had throat infection with fever 3 weeks back and was on antibiotic (amoxicillin) for five days. Last monday again he is down with fever,sorethroat and cough with phlegm and doc prescribed him with another antibiotic (zinnat=cefuroxime axetil), but still after 3 days it didnt go away so we consulted another doctor who knows that we are reluctant to give antibiotic, he told to stop this antibiotic and he prescribed antihistamine cough syrup and told us to wait for it to go. However today is the 6th day and stil he is running a fever (38.2 deg C), we are planning to take him back to doc today, and sure that he will give us amoxicillin again. should we give him antibiotic or no……???? is it safe to give him tylenol for this straight 6 days??? i m a worried and confused mother…. please suggestion

PS. My son hates the taste of antibiotic and fights violently when given, and it often ends up being spat out oir vomited.
i took him to doc and he did give antibiotic, but didnt have to give him after all, his fever was gone completely after that… until now he is fine. thanks all

Answer by Sara V
If he has an actual diagnosed bacterial infection he should take the antibiotic as prescribed. If it’s a viral infection an antibiotic will not work. There are many flavoring methods available to make the test better, ask your pharmacist what you can do to make the test better since if he’s unwilling to take it (spits it out/vomits) it’s not getting ingested and not doing any good.

Answer by Dirty
Stay away from antibiotics!!!!!!!!!!!! They kill the good bacteria in your body. You want good bacteria because it helps your body’s immune system work. To get ride of an infection or virus you should use Colloidal Silver also known as Sovereign Silver or Silver Hydrosol. You can get it at any natural food store. It can be used topically or ingested. You can also put it in your eyes or your ears. It simply is silver in the same molecular structure as all of the fluids in your body. They have been using it since the 1700′s and in all lab studies done on it it kills all bacteria and viruses with in 10 minutes. And better yet it does not harm good bacteria for some reason!?! And it has no taste.Just make sure your son drinks lots of water while using it. Also don’t take it unless you are sick. After that go back to the natural food store and get some probiotics for your son to replace his healthy bacteria so he does not keep getting sick.

Toddler Cough: Antibiotic for toddler?

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